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Issues For the Millennium: Cloning and Genetic Technologies - Index

Science Presentations

Play Video Jensine Andresen and Robert Neville

Introduction: Play

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John Westling

Introduction: Do we Have Dominion Over Ourselves? Play

Play Video David F Albertini, Professor Tufts University Medical Center

Overcoming Preconceptions Relating to Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Play

Play Video

James Robl, University Mass Amherst 

Implications of Animal Cloning Experiments for the Potential Cloning of Human Beings: Play

Play Video

José Cibelli. Vice President of Research, Advanced Cell Technology

Production of Embryonic Stem Cells from Differentiated Somatic CellsPlay

Play Video Eric Overström. Professor, Tufts University, School of Veterinary Medicine

Application of Cloning to the Production of Biopharmaceuticals to Treat Human and Animal Disease: Play

Play Video Mary E. White-Scharf. Vice President of Research, Biotransplant, Inc.

Xenotransplantation and its Associated Safety and Ethical Issues:  Play

Play Video Jonathan King. Professor, MIT

Excluding Life from Patenting: Arguments against the Patenting of Genes: Play

Play Video

Science Panel Discussion: Play

Ethics Panel:

Play Video Dr. Charles DeLisi - Dean of the College of Engineering at Boston University

Ethical Challenges in a Post-Genome Era: Play

Play Video

Dr. George Annas - Professor of Health Law at Boston University

Human Rights and the New Genetics: Play

Play Video Dr. Michael Grodin, M.D. - Director of the Law, Medicine and Ethics Program at Boston University

Human Rights and Cloning: Play

Play Video

Dr. Jensine Andresen - Assistant Professor at Boston University

Democratizing Decisions Relating to Biotechnology: Play

Play Video

Dr. Lisa Sowle Cahill - Jensine Andresen -  Assistant Professor, Boston University

Genetics, The market, and Policy Play

Play Video Dr. Ronald M. Green -  Professor for the Study of Ethics and Human Values at Dartmouth College

Much Ado About Mutton: An Ethical Review of the Cloning Controversy:  Play

Play Video Dr. Jane Maslow Cohen is Professor of Law at Boston University

Why Worry about Human Cloning?  Play

Play Video Dr. Wesley J. Wildman is Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics at Boston Unversity

Modified Natural-Law Approach to Genetic Technologies: Play

Play Video

Ethics Panel Discussion: Play

Christian Perspectives:

Play Video Dr. Judith Jenkins Kohatsu, Reverend, BallardVale United Church, Andover

The World is Our Parish...So...?  Play

Play Video

Dr. Sondra Ely Wheeler, Professor, Wesley Theological Seminary

Re-engineering Creation: Theological Reservations Concerning Genetic Technology: Play

Play Video Dr. Preston Williams, Professor, Harvard Divinity School

Possible Presbyterian Responses to Cloning: Play

Play Video

Dr. Colin B. Gracey, Reverend, Northeastern University

Biostewardish Updates: Play

Play Video

Dr. Ronald Cole-Turner, Professor, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

No, Not Yet, Maybe, and Why Not: Protestant Ambivalence Or Moral Discretion? Play

Play Video Karl E. Peters, Professor, Rollins College

Beginning Reflections of One Unitarian Universalist on Cloning and Genetic Technologies: Play

Play Video David Byers, Director, Committee On Science and Human Values, U.S. Catholic Conference

A Catholic Perspective on Cloning and Stem Cell Research: Play

Play Video Dr. Demetrios Demopulos, Reverend, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

Created in Whose Image and Likeness? An Orthodox Christian Approach to Human Cloning: Play

Play Video Dr. Thomas Shannon, Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Playing God: Play

Interreligious Perspectives:

Play Video Rabbi Richard Address - Union of American Hebrew Congregations

But Who Speaks for Me? The Need for the Religous Voice in Bioethics: Play

Play Video

Jonathan Cohen, Professor, University of Florida

In God's Garden: Creation and Cloning in Jewish Thought: Play

Play Video Rabbi Elliot Dorff, Ph.D., Professor, University of Judaism

A Jewish Perspective on Cloning and Other Techniques to Overcome Infertility: Play

Play Video

Asif Razvi, M.D., Islamic Center of Boston

Islamic Perspectives on Cloning and Genetic Enginerring: Play

Play Video

M.G. Prasad, Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology

A Hindu View based on Dharma, Karma and Yoga of Human Cloning and Genetic Technologies: Play

Play Video Naoki Nabeshima, Professor, Ryukoku University, Kyoto

The Bioethics of Interdependence: Shin Buddhist Attitudes on Human Cloning:  Play

Play Video Rev. Dr. Ronald Y. Nakasone, Pacific School of Religion

Moral Imagination:  Play

Play Video

Interreligious Panel Discussion: Play

Law and Policy Issues:

Play Video Ronnee Yashon, J.D., Professor, Tufts University

Science and the Courts: Play

Play Video Seth Shulman, Author, Owning the Future

Beyond Biology: Regulating Ownership in a Knowledge-based Economy: Play

Play Video Calestous Jouma, Director, Science, Technology and Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Biotechnology and International Trade: Play

Play Video Sheldon Krimsky, Professor, Tufts University

Disharmonization in Agricultural Biotechnology: Play

Play Video David Brook, Esq, Hanilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds

Historical Notes Relating to the Patenting of Biological Inventions: Play

Play Video Beth Arnold, M.S., J.D., Foley, Hoag & Eliot

Should Morality be Within the Purview of Patent Law? Play

Play Video Thomas A. Turano, Esq., Testa, Hurwitz & Thabeault

The International Treatment of Biotechnological Intellectual Property (BIP): Play

Play Video

Law and Policy Issues Panel Discussion: Play

Plenary Addresses

Play Video Lee Silver, Professor, Princeton University

Science, Politics and Ethics of Cloning and Genetic Engineering: Who will Decide the Future of Humankind? Play

Play Video Lori B. Andrews, Professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Cloning and Beyond: Making Laws for Making Babies: Play

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