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Ronald Cole-Turner

Ronald Cole-Turner

Ron Cole-Turner teaches theology and ethics at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Throughout his career, he has been fascinated by the religious significance of new developments in science and technology, especially when they challenge the way we see our own humanity. His recent work is framed by two questions--where have we come from and where are we going? In 2016, Ron published The End of Adam and Eve: Theology and the Science of Human Origins, exploring the latest developments in the science of human origins from the standpoint of Christian theology.

New Perspectives from Science on Human Origins: Three Challenges for Christian Theology

What are the Moral Limits of Embryo and Stem Cell Research?

No, Not Yet, Maybe, and Why Not: Protestant Ambivalence Or Moral Discretion?

Ron is one of the co-founders of the International Society for Science and Religion and currently serves as a vice president and as a member of the Executive Committee. Over the years he has served on the Advisory Committee of the John Templeton Foundation and of the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion, a program unit of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). He also served as an advisor to a AAAS project to help seminary faculty across the US give more attention to the natural sciences. Other recent books include

Transhumanism and Transcendence: Christian Hope in an Age of Technological Transcendence and Design and Destiny: Jewish and Christian Perspectives on Human Germline Modification. Recent articles and book chapters carry titles like "Christians and Other Transhumanists" and "Spiritual Enhancement." Of all his writings, Ron is probably best known for a baptism hymn, "Child of Blessing, Child of Promise," included in nearly every major new English-language Protestant hymnal worldwide from Scotland to New Zealand.

For more see his web site: Theology Plus

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