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About 'God, Humanity and the <!g>Cosmos' Online

Welcome to an online preview of God, Humanity and the Cosmos: A Textbook in Science and Religion, ed. by <!g>Dr. Christopher Southgate. Published by T&T Clark.

A selection of topics from the book have been grouped by area. Please choose from the list on the right, or see 'Full Table of Contents' to browse through all the topics in the printed book.

  • In Outlines of the Debate you'll find topics covering the various ways science and religion relate to each other.
  • In Historical Examples of the Debate we cover past cases of the interaction between science and religion, including the beginnings of the debate over human origins.
  • In <!g>Quantum Physics and Theology you can learn about how current physics theory describes a universe that's far less mechanical than once thought.
  • In <!g>Big Bang <!g>Cosmology and Theology you'll learn about what may have happened 'in the beginning...'
  • In <!g>Evolutionary Biology and Theology are topics on the ongoing debate over evolution.
  • In A Test Case - Divine Action we see how scientific descriptions fare when religion talks of God's action in the world.
  • In Reductionism and Theology we investigate the 'reductionist view' - that we're nothing but atoms and genes.

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Online adaptation by Dr. Christopher Southgate and Counterbalance Foundation

God, Humanity and the Cosmos

God, Humanity and the Cosmos, 1999 T&T Clark

Topic Sets:

Outlines of the Debate
Historical Examples of the Debate
Quantum Physics and Theology
Big Bang Cosmology and Theology
Evolutionary Biology and Theology
A Test Case - Divine Action
Reductionism and Theology
About 'God, Humanity and the Cosmos' Online
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God, Humanity and the Cosmos, ed. Dr. Christopher Southgate. Published by T&T Clark.