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Stem-Cell Colloquy - Index

In October 2001, Science and Spirit Magazine and Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary organized and hosted a colloquy on the ethical and religious implication of stem-cell research and technology. Below is video from the event.

Welcome and Introductory Remarks

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Jennifer Derryberry and Brent Waters: Play

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Brent Waters: Play


What is the appropriate contribution of religious traditions and communities in the public debate on embryonic stem cell research?

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Laurence O'Connell
Park Ridge Center for the Study of Health, Faith and Ethics: Play

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Brent Waters
Director of the Center for Ethics and Values at Garrett Seminary: Play


How should the moral issues associated with embryonic stem cell research be addressed within religious communities?

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James Peterson
Wingate University:  Play

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Sondra Wheeler
Wesley Theological Seminary: Play


What are the moral limits of embryo and embryonic stem cell research?

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Ron Cole-Turner
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary:  Play

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Robert Song
Durham University, UK: Play

Stem-Cell Colloquy - Index

Other Presentations:

Play Video Welcome: Brent Waters and Jennifer Derryberry
Play Video Opening Remarks: Brent Waters
Play Video Laurence O'Connell
Play Video Brent Waters
Play Video James Peterson
Play Video Sondra Wheeler
Play Video Ronald Cole-Turner
Play Video Robert Song


Science & Spirit Magazine and Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary

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