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Web Sites on Science and Religion*

* This list is just a sampling of the more popular sites on science and religion dialogue, and will be updated from time to time. Counterbalance does not necessarily endorse all the sites listed.

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Other Resources
CTNS Recommended: Basic Level
CTNS Recommended: Intermediate Level
CTNS Recommended: Research Level
CTNS/Vatican Observatory Series: Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action
Books on Science and Religion - General
Books on Physics and Theology
Books on Biology, Genetics and Theology
Books on Neuroscience and Theology
Books on Information Technology

The Natural Sciences and Christian Theology - A Select Bibliography

  I. Historical and Social Background of Contemporary Western Science
  II. Reflections on the Nature of Modern Science
     A. Expositions of Modern Scientific Method
     B. Introductions to the Philosophy of Science
     C. Debates over the Social Dimensions of Modern Science
  III. Popular Expositions of Contemporary Natural Science
     A. General and Survey Treatments
     B. Mathematics
     C. Particle Physics
     D. Chemistry
     E. Chaos & Complexity Theory
     F. Cosmology and Astrophysics
     G. Geology and Natural History
     H. Evolutionary Molecular Biology
     I. Sociobiology / Evolutionary Psychology
     J. Neuroscience
     K. Environmental Science/Ecology
  IV. Historical Treatments of Interaction between Natural Science and Christianity in the West
  V. Contemporary Engagement of the Natural Sciences and Christian Theology
     A. Typological Surveys of Current Science/Theology Engagement
     B. Introductions to Current Science/Theology Engagement
     C. Survey Essay Collections of Current Science/Theology Engagement
     D. Important Journals for the Current Science/Theology Engagement
     E. Representative Recent Engagements of Theology by Natural Scientists
     F. Representative Recent Engagements of Natural Science by Christian Theologians
        1. Broad Western Christian Engagements
        2. “Evangelical” Western Christian Engagements
        3. Eastern Orthodox  Engagements
        4. Consciously Revisionist Christian Engagements
           a. Moving toward a fully “Naturalist” Theology
           b. Moving toward a Universal “Mystical” Theology
     G. Select Topics in Current Natural Science / Christian Theology Dialogue
        1. The Status of Theology as a “Science”
        2. Mathematical Order of the Universe and the Divine
        3. Contemporary Physics and Divine Action / Providence
        4. Contemporary Evolutionary Biology and Divine Action / Providence
        5. Contemporary Cosmology and Creatio ex Nihilo
        6. The Creation/Evolution Controversy
           a. Detailed Bibliographies of the Controversy
           b. Historical and Sociological Perspectives on the Controversy
           c. Contemporary Anti-supernaturalist Darwinists
           d. Recent Critiques of Naturalistic Darwinism (esp. “Intelligent Design”)
           e. Scientific Counter-Critiques of Creationism
           f. Surveys of the Diversity in “Creationist” Views
           g. Representative Young-Earth Creationist Advocates
           h. Representative Progressive Creationists
           i. Representative Fully Gifted Creationists (or Theistic Evolutionists)
           j. Additional Exegetical and Theological Perspectives
        7. Cosmology and Eschatology
        8. Sociobiology / Evolutionary Psychology and Human Nature
        9. Genetic Impact on Behavior and Human Responsibility
        10. Neuroscience and the Human Soul / Human Responsibility
     H. Engagement of Ethical Dimensions of Modern Science/Technology
       1. Survey Treatments
       2. Nuclear Energy and Weapons
       3. Ethical Issues in Genetic Engineering
       4. Ecological Crisis, Environmentalism, and Christian Worldview
Bibliography for Peters on Genetics
Bibliography for Ayala on Evolution
Bibliography for Murphy on Neuroscience
Bibliography for Russell on Cosmology
African Exodus: The Origins of Modern Humanity
The Age of Spiritual Machines
At Home in the Universe
Beyond Fundamentalism and Liberalism
Chaos and Complexity: Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action
Cosmos as Creation
CTNS/Vatican Observatory Conference Essays
Cybergrace: The Search for God in the Digital World
Divine Action
Duet or Duel? Theology and Science in a Postmodern World
Faith of a Physicist
For the Love of Children
Genes, Genesis and God
Genetics: Issues of Social Justice
God and Nature: Historical Essays on the Encounter Between Christianity and Science.
God and the New Physics
God, Chance and Necessity
God, Creation and Contemporary Physics
God, Humanity and the Cosmos
Is God a Virus?
Issues in Science and Religion
Nothing But Atoms and Molecules
On Human Nature
On the Moral Nature of the Universe
Physics, Philosophy and Theology
Playing God? Genetic Determinism and Human Freedom
Pythagoras' Trousers: God, Physics, and the Gender Wars
Quantum Cosmology and the Laws of Nature: Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action
Reason and Reality
Religion and Science: Historical and Contemporary Issues
Religion and Science: History, Method, Dialogue
Religion in an Age of Science
Religion, Science and Naturalism
Science and Religion (Brooke)
Science Meets Faith
Sociobiology: The New Synthesis
The Creationists
The Engine of Reason, the Seat of the Soul
The Human Factor
The Inflationary Universe
The Origin of Species
The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace
The Quantum World
The Selfish Gene
The Symbolic Species
Theology for a Scientific Age
Theology in an Age of Scientific Reasoning
Whatever Happened to the Soul? Scientific and Theological Portraits of Human Nature
Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History


Dr. Randy Maddox

Prepared with support of the John Templeton Oxford Seminar on Science and Christianity (1999-2004)