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Robert Russell - Presentation

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Glossary: General Relativity, Quantum Physics, Arthur Peacocke, Ian Barbour, Charles Birch, Nancey Murphy, Ted Peters, George Ellis, Jack Haught, Sallie McFague, Genetic Mutation, Entropy, Hermeneutics, John Barrow, Paul Davies, Ontological, Fred Hoyle, Big Bang Cosmology, Bohr, Planck, Einstein

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Robert Russell - Presentation

John Brooke - The Changing Relations Between Science and Theology
John Brooke - Revisiting Darwin on Order and Design
Niles Eldredge - Presentation
Niles Eldredge - Q&A
Michael Behe - Presentation
Ken Miller - Paley in a Test Tube
William Dembski - Order and Design: Philosophical Issues
Wesley Elsberry - Order and Design: Philosophical Issues
Eugenie Scott - Evolution, Religion and Public Science Education
Warren Nord - Evolution, Religion and Public Science Education
Scott and Nord Q&A
Ken Miller - Darwin, God, and the Human Genome
Lawrence Sullivan - How the World's Religions Interpret Evolution
Phil Hefner - The Created Co-Creator: Clues to the Ways of Providence
Jeff Schloss - Evolution and Altruism
Jack Haught - God After Darwin
Michael Lodahl - The Perceived Evils of Evolution and Probable Problems for Providence
Duane Gish - Presentation
Stephen Meyer - Presentation
Eugenie Scott - Presentation
Michael Ruse - Presentation
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Meyer on 'Intelligent Design' and 'Creationism'
Gish on 'Intelligent Design' and 'Creationism'
Scott on 'Intelligent Design' and 'Creationism'
Meyer & Scott on 'Intelligent Design'
Peters on 'Intelligent Design' & Creationism
Gish on Teaching Creationism
Meyer on 'Intelligent Design' & Natural Theology
Schloss on 'Intelligent Design' & Natural Theology
Ruse on Teaching 'Intelligent Design'
Ruse on the Fossil Record
Scott on the Fossil Record
Schloss on the Fossil Record
Gish on the Fossil Record
Schloss & Gish on Continental Drift
Meyer on the Fossil Record
Russell on the Anthropic Principle & 'Intelligent Design'
Gish & Russell on the Anthropic Principle
Meyer on Divine Intervention in Nature
Scott on the Origins Controversy
Scott - Summary Comments
Schloss - Summary Comments
Ruse - Summary Comments
Russell - Summary Comments
Maddox - Summary Comments
Gish - Summary Comments
Meyer - Summary Comments
Perspectives on Evolution - Index


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