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Ruse on Teaching 'Intelligent Design'

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Glossary: Charles Darwin, Natural Selection, Natural Theology

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Ruse on Teaching 'Intelligent Design'

John Brooke - The Changing Relations Between Science and Theology
John Brooke - Revisiting Darwin on Order and Design
Niles Eldredge - Presentation
Niles Eldredge - Q&A
Michael Behe - Presentation
Ken Miller - Paley in a Test Tube
William Dembski - Order and Design: Philosophical Issues
Wesley Elsberry - Order and Design: Philosophical Issues
Eugenie Scott - Evolution, Religion and Public Science Education
Warren Nord - Evolution, Religion and Public Science Education
Scott and Nord Q&A
Ken Miller - Darwin, God, and the Human Genome
Lawrence Sullivan - How the World's Religions Interpret Evolution
Phil Hefner - The Created Co-Creator: Clues to the Ways of Providence
Jeff Schloss - Evolution and Altruism
Jack Haught - God After Darwin
Michael Lodahl - The Perceived Evils of Evolution and Probable Problems for Providence
Duane Gish - Presentation
Stephen Meyer - Presentation
Eugenie Scott - Presentation
Michael Ruse - Presentation
Jeffrey Schloss - Presentation
Robert Russell - Presentation
Meyer on 'Intelligent Design' and 'Creationism'
Gish on 'Intelligent Design' and 'Creationism'
Scott on 'Intelligent Design' and 'Creationism'
Meyer & Scott on 'Intelligent Design'
Peters on 'Intelligent Design' & Creationism
Gish on Teaching Creationism
Meyer on 'Intelligent Design' & Natural Theology
Schloss on 'Intelligent Design' & Natural Theology
Ruse on the Fossil Record
Scott on the Fossil Record
Schloss on the Fossil Record
Gish on the Fossil Record
Schloss & Gish on Continental Drift
Meyer on the Fossil Record
Russell on the Anthropic Principle & 'Intelligent Design'
Gish & Russell on the Anthropic Principle
Meyer on Divine Intervention in Nature
Scott on the Origins Controversy
Scott - Summary Comments
Schloss - Summary Comments
Ruse - Summary Comments
Russell - Summary Comments
Maddox - Summary Comments
Gish - Summary Comments
Meyer - Summary Comments
Perspectives on Evolution - Index


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