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Bill Stoeger: Cosmology and Christianity

In this presentation Dr Stoeger emphasizes what quantum cosmology may eventually be able to tell us about the very early universe -- how the Big Bang happened -- and what quantum cosmology will never be able to tell us, i.e. the ultimate source of existence and order: How anything at all exists, rather than nothing; and how it is ordered and has this particular order. He then presents the essentials of "creatio ex nihilo'" as the most successful -- but still inadequate -- philosophical model of the source of existence and order. This model relies on a self-subsistent Creator upon whom all things depend for existence and order. This does not necessarily require a beginning in time, only a ongoing relationship of ultimate dependence. Another metaphor which is used is that of participation -- all that exists participates in the existence of the Creator.

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Bill Stoeger: Cosmology and Christianity


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An Introduction to Big Bang Cosmology
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Panel Discussion and Q&A
Celebrating CTNS's 30th Anniversary


Presented at the 'God and Creation' conference celebrating CTNS' 30th year.

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