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Celebrating CTNS's 30th Anniversary

CTNS - Building bridges between theology and science for 30 years

The mission of CTNS is to promote the creative mutual interaction between theology and the natural sciences.

The CTNS mission is carried out through three program areas: research, teaching and public service. The central scientific focus of these programs is on physics, cosmology, evolutionary biology, and genetics, with additional topics in the neurosciences, technology, the environmental sciences, and mathematics. The central theological focus is on Christian theology, ethics and spirituality, with additional attention to the theological issues arising from the engagement between the sciences and world religions.

For more see www.ctns.org.

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Celebrating CTNS's 30th Anniversary


God and Creation: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Perspectives on Big Bang Cosmology - Index
Introductory Remarks
An Introduction to Big Bang Cosmology
Alnoor Dhanani: Cosmology and Islam
Bill Stoeger: Cosmology and Christianity
Daniel Matt: Cosmology and Judaism
Panel Discussion and Q&A


Presented at the 'God and Creation' conference celebrating CTNS' 30th year.

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