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Alnoor Dhanani: Cosmology and Islam

This lecture provides perspectives on historical and contemporary Muslim views on God, creation, and cosmology. It first examines the data in the Qur’an on creation of the cosmos, and the cosmos as the locus of the signs of God; considers the historical Muslim investigations of philosophical and scientific cosmology within the disciplines natural philosophy and theology, and how these two disciplines had opposing views on the role of God, creation ex nihilo, and causation; and it touches on how these historical disciplines engaged in the interpretation of scriptural data. Next it examines contemporary views, first the literalist readings of the Qur’an which are presumed to show the miraculous nature of the Qur’an by presciently describing features of Big Bang cosmology; and then the entirely opposite perspective of the Nobel physicist Dr. Abdus Salam who drew personal inspiration from the Qur’anic concept of nature as locus of the signs of God, but yet upheld the legitimacy of the science as a secular enterprise.

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Alnoor Dhanani: Cosmology and Islam


God and Creation: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Perspectives on Big Bang Cosmology - Index
Introductory Remarks
An Introduction to Big Bang Cosmology
Bill Stoeger: Cosmology and Christianity
Daniel Matt: Cosmology and Judaism
Panel Discussion and Q&A
Celebrating CTNS's 30th Anniversary


Presented at the 'God and Creation' conference celebrating CTNS' 30th year.

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