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An Introduction to Big Bang Cosmology

Dr Stoeger provides an overview of what we know about the universe from astronomy and cosmology, including a discussion of its history from the Big Bang to the present, and the important processes during the various epochs of that history. Key observations which lead to those conclusions are introduced as well as emerging knowledge from quantum cosmology about the Planck era "before the Big Bang..

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An Introduction to Big Bang Cosmology


God and Creation: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Perspectives on Big Bang Cosmology - Index
Introductory Remarks
Alnoor Dhanani: Cosmology and Islam
Bill Stoeger: Cosmology and Christianity
Daniel Matt: Cosmology and Judaism
Panel Discussion and Q&A
Celebrating CTNS's 30th Anniversary


Presented at the 'God and Creation' conference celebrating CTNS' 30th year.

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