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Do we know the direction of causality? Perhaps a belief in evolutionary theory has lead some Christians to accept naturalistic underpinnings to their theology rather than the other way around. Perhaps there is some sort of feedback between the two sets. I find the positive correlations between the question of compatibility, (Q8),  and the question of the completeness of evolutionary theory, (Q9),  and the negative correlations between questions 8 and the question concerning biblical historicity, (Q10), as suggestive of the following explanation: Respondees who find evolutionary theory and Christian theology incompatible view Christian documents as being dominant over other sources of information such as science. Respondees who find evolutionary theory and Christian theology to be compatible view science as dominant over some common traditional interpretations of Christian documents.

Furthermore, given the correlation between beliefs on evolutionary theory, (Q9), and beliefs in the impact on society of evolutionary theory, (11a), we think that it is reasonable to say that the desire to protect society is driving the stated beliefs about evolution.

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