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Survey Questions

1 I expect that scientific investigation of the natural world will provide evidence that traditional Christian theology is true: Never 1__2__3__4__5 Always.

2 The scientific description of the natural world is irrelevant to Christian theology: Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

3 How many of the purposes of ‘the church’ can be achieved with no regard whatsoever to science and technology? None 1__2__3__4__5 All.

4 I expect that new scientific discoveries will require revisions to Christian theology. Never 1__2__3__4__5 Always.

5 ‘Divine activity or design’ in the world necessarily includes potential 'intervention' in nature which is distinct from 'natural' processes. Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

6 I expect examples of divine intervention (or design) to be uncovered by scientific study: Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

7 If it were shown that all events in history may have natural explanations, this would be a problem for Christian theology. Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

8 How compatible is current evolutionary theory (as you understand it) with Christian theology? Not at all 1__2__3__4__5 Completely.

9 Current evolutionary theory provides a complete and satisfying explanation of human origins. Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

10 The value and reliability of The Bible are dependent on it serving as (amongst other things) an accurate source of historical information, including the Creation account in Genesis 1: Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

11. If it were proven beyond all doubt that humans evolved entirely through natural processes with *no evidence whatsoever* for divine involvement or design...

a) Would this be good, bad or neutral for society overall? Bad 1__2__3__4__5 Good.

b) Would this imply that life has less meaning, or more meaning? Less 1__2__3__4__5 More.

c) This would imply that humans have (only) the rights of animals. Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

d) This would cause me to think again about the reliability of scripture. Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

e) If the Bible's creation account is not historically accurate, we can no longer place as much trust in the Bible's teaching on ethics and morals. Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

f) This would cause me to think again about the reality of God’s activity in the world today. Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

g) The competition and adaptation to fitness described by evolutionary theory would be inconsistent with a Christian understanding of God: Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

h) This lack of evidence of special divine activity in the past would mean there is less hope for the future: Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

i) This would mean a central Christian doctrine is flawed: The resurrection of Jesus parallels 'the fall' of Adam which occurred in the Garden of Eden. If there was no historical Adam or Eden in which animals did not compete for food, this is a problem for Christian theology. Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

j) Christian theology would need to be revised as a result of this discovery: Not at all 1__2__3__4__5 Significantly.

k) It is more important for Christian theology to remain consistent with established traditional ideas than to change in reaction to new science data. Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

l) It would be acceptable to describe 'God's activity in the world' in terms of natural processes such as gravity and evolution. Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

m) It would be more important for the Christian community to remain united even if this required avoiding the more controversial aspects of the evolution/creation debate which can cause division. Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

12 I trust the following sources of information about what is ‘real.’...

A ...The scientific community: Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

B ...The religious community. Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

C ...The news media (TV/Web/Newspaper etc.). Disagree 1__2__3__4__5 Agree.

13 My educational background: (optional) Other: 1, Post-Graduate: 2, Graduate: 3, Undergraduate: 4, High School: 5.

14 My age/age-range is: RESPONSE:

15 Gender: RESPONSE:F=1, M=2

16 My religious/denominational background is:

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