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Creationism History: Topic Index

These history topics, provided by Dr. Ron Numbers, cover the comparitively recent science-and-religion issue of ‘Creationism’—the view that the Biblical account of creation in Genesis 1 is in some respect a literal and historical description. A literal interpretation of the six-day special creation account in scripture is often hard to reconcile with current scientific theories on the origin of the universe and life on Earth. It seems as though they are in conflict. For some people this difficulty suggests that scripture is not a reliable source of knowledge (or at a minimum a poor source of scientific explanations) and for some it implies contemporary science must be in error.

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Creationism History: Topic Index

The ‘Ordinary’ View of Creation
Assessing the Fossil Record - Louis Agassiz
The Meaning of Genesis 1
Antievolutionists and Creationists
Darwinism Comes to America
George McCready Price and ‘Flood Geology’
The Antievolution Crusade of the 1920s
The Scopes ‘Monkey Trial’
The Creationist Revival after 1961
Creation Science - Henry M. Morris
Intelligent Design


Dr. Ron Numbers
Dr. Ron Numbers

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