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1. Science and Suffering Topic: Epilogue
- the concept of “transcendent causes,” causes so worthwhile that “they supercede (transcend) the value of individual happiness.” War, in which nations understand that hardship is necessary for the needs of the many, is
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2. Divine Action Topic: Drees, Willem B. “Evolutionary Naturalism and Reli...
as a whole is dependent on a transcendent Creator as consistent with, though not required by, naturalism. What Drees rejects is a view of God as altering the laws of nature or as acting within the contingencies of nature since, again, nature is
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3. Evolution Topic: What is the problem with Intelligent Design?
is the intervention of a transcendent designer. Punctuated into the process of gradual change are leaps in complexity caused by a supernatural intelligence. Intelligent interventions into nature are virtual miracles, not subject
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4. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Peacocke’s View of Divine Action
at which God - as a transcendent , immaterial world cause - interacts particularly with causative factors in the material world? Arthur Peacocke wants to use the analogy of God as mind, world as body, but with a very proper caution -
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5. Intelligent Design Topic: Cards on the Table
points beyond itself to a transcendent reality, and that that reality is simultaneously reflected in a different idiom by the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. So far I'm not saying anything different from standard complementarianism,
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6. Physics Topic: The Theology of Creation
of all beings on a transcendent God as the sole source of their existence. God's creative act is totally free; matter, space, time and even the laws of nature emerge out of God's unconditional choice. In this sense, `creation out of
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7. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Neo-Thomist Views of Divine Action
at which God - as a transcendent , immaterial world cause - interacts particularly with causative factors in the material world? Neo-Thomists speak of ‘double agency’, a concept developed by Aquinas and rearticulated in
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8. Intelligent Design Topic: The Question of Motives
by denying any appeal to the transcendent norms of God's moral law." In a forthcoming response to an article of mine in American Outlook (November 2000), Michael Shermer takes an identical line: "It is no coincidence that almost all of the
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9. Technology Topic: What Might Theologians Think About Nano Ethics?
ethical deliberations with a transcendent ground for value, God. What is good for us is the vision of well being God has in store for us. To manifest that vision of well being, Jesus gave us a double commandment: love God and love your neighbor.
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10. Neuroscience Topic: The Person in Greek Thought
physical world, there is the transcendent realm of the Forms or Ideas, which is perfect and eternal. According to Plato, the soul's true home is in the realm of the Forms. Plato's philosophy had a significant impact on the development of early
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