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1. Physics Topic: God’s Providence and Quantum Mechanics
human free will ?) and theodicy (if God is good, why is there evil). The latter issue is particularly acute given the enormity of pain and suffering in evolution and the fact that so much disease has its basis in the genes where, I am
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2. Divine Action Topic: Tracy, Thomas F. “Evolution, Divine Action, and th...
accommodated within such a theodicy , though Tracy admits it is probably not required. If we grant that the good cannot be achieved without permitting these evils, we may nonetheless object that the world contains far more of them than would
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3. Divine Action Topic: Russell, Robert John. “Divine Action and Quantum M...
more persuasive response to theodicy if we move from creation theology (and thus providence) to a trinitarian theology of redemption, particularly as developed by Wolfhart Pannenberg . This, in turn, leads to Russell’s fourth issue, which he
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4. Divine Action Topic: Murphy, Nancey. “Evidence of Design in the Fine-Tu...
the theological problems of theodicy , moral evil and natural evil, and the scientific discussion of thermodynamics, the arrow of time, and perhaps even consciousness. These could make the program even more progressive. Book Series Index
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5. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Process Models of Divine Action
so sharply is in terms of theodicy . The great problem with an account of providence in terms of primary and secondary agency is that the most evil of persons becomes a secondary agent of God. See process theology and the problem of evil for
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6. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Peacocke and Polkinghorne Compared
too in their approach to theodicy : Peacocke inclines to an ‘Irenaean’ approach which sees the world of suffering as a necessary context for the growth of free beings towards God, Polkinghorne to a
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7. Divine Action Topic: Theodicy
Theodicy Barbour, Ian G. “Five Models of God and Evolution.” Edwards, Denis. “Original Sin and Saving Grace in Evolutionary Context." Murphy, Nancey.
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8. Science and Suffering Topic: Theological Perspectives on Genetics - Ron Cole...
of God “is the task of theodicy ,” Cole-Turner says, and he presents three types of theodicies, each “with implications for how we see genetics and what we expect of it.” The first theodicy Cole-Turner presents, the most
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9. Biography: David Ray Griffin
Power, and Evil: A Process Theodicy (1976) and Unsnarling the World-Knot: Consciousness, Freedom , and the Mind-Body Problem (1998). He is the editor of The Reenchantment of Science: Postmodern Proposals (1988). His next two books will be
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10. Evolution and Providence Topic: Phil Hefner - The Created Co-Creator: Clues ...
Darwin , Natural Selection , Theodicy Topic Index Next > Jeff Schloss - Evolution and Altruism Show Topics/Video Contributed by: CTNS . Video adapted from
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