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1. General Term: Scientific Revolution
the major thinkers of the Scientific Revolution (Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo , Newton, Descartes ) had revealed a universe which seemed like a perfectly run machine, comprehensible by the human mind and the enlightened scientific understanding
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2. Interview: 'Faith and Reason' Transcript
come from God. A lot of the scientific research, being a scientist, helps to support both my life as a Jesuit and my belief in God. MS. WERTHEIM: In 1997, the scientific journal Nature, published a survey of a cross-section of American
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3. Evolution Topic: The Darwinian Revolution
The Darwinian Revolution The publication in 1859 of The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin ushered in a new era in the intellectual history of humanity. Darwin is deservedly given credit for the theory of biological evolution: he
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4. Divine Action Topic: Clifford, Anne M. “Darwin’s Revolution in the...
Anne M. “Darwin ’s Revolution in the Origin of Species : A Hermeneutical Study of the Movement form Natural Theology to Natural Selection ." Anne Clifford examines Darwin’s The Origin of Species in relation to
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5. Interview: George Coyne
of process of my personal scientific investigation. But, my scientific investigation, because God is reflected in the world in which me made, in some sense, my scientific investigation has always supported my belief in God in a very real
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6. Interview: Ron Numbers
were put to death for their scientific views. QUESTION: Is it the case then that there had been no scientists killed for their scientific views? DR. NUMBERS: I can think of no scientist who ever lost his life for his scientific views. QUESTION:
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7. Evolution Topic: Coda: Science as a Way of Knowing
extraordinary fruits of nonscientific modes of inquiry. But I have set forth the view that nothing in the world of nature escapes the scientific mode of knowledge, and that we owe this universality to Darwin 's revolution. Here I wish simply to
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8. Interview: Francis Collins
better informed about these scientific issues, so they can be involved in determining directions and policy. How do you see that we can bring the scientific and faith communities together? DR. COLLINS: There's a proverb from the Bible which
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9. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Book Section: Full Book Table of Contents
the twentieth century – revolution, anarchy and resistance and the need for tempered post-foundationalist accounts of scientific and theological rationality (2.10-2.13) 2.10 Thomas Kuhn ’s revolutionary account of scientific theory
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10. Intelligent Design Topic: Intelligent Design as a Positive Research Program
Thomas Kuhn 's stages in a scientific revolution ). Once that confidence was undermined, the next step was to develop a positive scientific research program as an alternative to Darwinism and more generally to naturalistic approaches to the
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