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1. Biography: Sallie McFague
Sallie McFague Professor of Theology at Vanderbilt University, The Divinity School, Vanderbilt, Tennessee Search for Sallie McFague Biography Index Next >
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2. Divine Action Topic: Edwards, Denis. “Original Sin and Saving Grace in ...
insights of Gerd Theissen, Sallie McFague and Philip Hefner . According to Edwards, Theissen argues that the common features of science and theology can be articulated through evolutionary categories. Religion manifests the “central
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3. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Model and Metaphor Compared
, Janet Martin Soskice and Sallie McFague . McFague in particular stresses the role of metaphor in the development of imaginative formulations - all metaphor contains an is/is not - in some respects a crafty statesman may ‘be’ an old
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4. Divine Action Topic: Clifford, Anne M. “Darwin’s Revolution in the...
Soskice, Paul Ricoeur, and Sallie McFague . She focuses on two of Darwin’s key metaphors: “the origin of species” and “natural selection.” Darwin’s theory in effect shifted the meaning of “origins” by
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5. Full Biography Index
Sallie McFague Alister McGrath Paul McHugh Michael Merzenich Stephen Meyer Mary Midgley
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6. Divine Action Topic: Barbour, Ian G. “Five Models of God and Evolution....
theory . Grace Jentzen and Sallie McFague view the world as God’s body but Barbour is concerned that this model breaks down when applied to the cosmos . God as communicator of information would act through the pattern of events in the
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7. Divine Action Topic: Haught, John F. “Darwin’s Gift to Theology."
of God and to resist what Sallie McFague calls a “power of domination.” Contrary to Dennett and Dawkins, the randomness of variations, the impersonality of natural selection , and the waste and suffering of evolution can be understood
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8. Evolution and Providence Topic: Robert Russell - Presentation
George Ellis , Jack Haught , Sallie McFague , Genetic Mutation , Entropy , Hermeneutics , John Barrow , Paul Davies , Ontological , Fred Hoyle , Big Bang Cosmology , Bohr , Planck , Einstein Topic Index Next >
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9. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Book Section: Full Book Table of Contents
of Process thought, 6.5.4 Sallie McFague , 6.5.5 Rosemary Radford Ruether, 6.5.6 Jürgen Moltmann , 6.5.7 Criticisms of Moltmann, 6.5.8 Paul Fiddes - 6.6 Recurrent Motifs: Panentheism and the Suffering of God - 6.6.1 Keith Ward
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10. Origins Topic: Robert Russell - Presentation
George Ellis , Jack Haught , Sallie McFague , Genetic Mutation , Entropy , Hermeneutics , John Barrow , Paul Davies , Ontological , Fred Hoyle , Big Bang Cosmology , Bohr , Planck , Einstein Topic Index Next >
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