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11. Divine Action Topic: Haught, John F. “Darwin’s Gift to Theology."
for God’s action. Richard Dawkins argues that impersonal physical necessity drives genes to maximize opportunities for survival. Both conclude that Darwin has given atheism a solid foundation. Hence contemporary theology must include an
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12. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Can Darwinism Rule Out Truth in Religion?
be strictly justified. See Richard Dawkins and E.O.Wilson against the possibility of the truth of religion . A central ingredient of Darwinian evolution is chance . Again, this has tempted some thinkers to see the process as incompatible
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13. Intelligent Design Topic: Can Specified Complexity Even Have a Mechanism?
from inorganic systems. Richard Dawkins also employs the notion in The Blind Watchmaker though he doesn't use the actual term (he refers to complex systems that are independently specified). In his most recent book, The Fifth Miracle Paul
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14. Interview: Francis Collins
for anything. QUESTION: Richard Dawkins has raised the question that if God created the universe, then how come he seems to have disappeared from the universe? DR. COLLINS: I'm sorry that God has disappeared for Richard Dawkins. He's not
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15. Genetics Topic: DNA and Social Behavior?
The popularity of Richard Dawkins ’ book, The Selfish Gene , along with the controversy created by sociobiologists , demonstrates a growing interest in the prospect that scientists will be able to explain more and more of human
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16. General Term: Sociobiology
in behavioural genetics. Richard Dawkins , for example, has focused on the genetic constraints of social behavior, emphasizing that differences in the allele’s of even a ‘single gene’ might result in strikingly different social
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17. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: The Science of Sociobiology Critiques th...
(For background see Richard Dawkins and E.O.Wilson against the possibility of the truth of religion .) Dawkins regards religion as one of many ‘viruses of the mind,’ something which has pervaded human affairs, but, having no
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18. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Key Figures and Developments in the Scie...
The second is the biologist Richard Dawkins , whose vigorous dismissals of the claims of religion (see can reductionism rule out the truth of religion? ) have had a most stimulating effect on believers interested in dialogue with science. Had
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19. Intelligent Design Topic: The Question of Motives
hearing. The subtitle of Richard Dawkins 's The Blind Watchmaker reads Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design Dawkins may be right that design is absent from the universe. But design theorists insist that science
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20. Resources: Bibliography for Peters on Genetics
903-908, p. 904. Richard Dawkins , The Selfish Gene (New York: Oxford, 1976, rev. 1989). Rifkin , Algeny , (New York: Viking, 1983), 17, 252, 230-234. Robert L. Sinsheimer, "Genetic Engineering: Life as a
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