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1. General Term: Recombinant DNA
Recombinant DNA Molecules that are constructed outside living cells by joining natural or synthetic DNA segments in such a way that they can replicate in a living cell (the replicative products are also considered to be
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2. General Term: Recombinant Lines
Recombinant Lines New combinations of DNA fragments formed by cutting DNA segments from two sources with restriction enzyme and then joining the fragments together with DNA ligase. Interspecies transfer of genes usually through a
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3. General Term: Plasmids
Self-replicating, circular DNA molecules found in bacterial cells; often used as vectors in recombinant DNA technology. Small circles of double-stranded DNA found in some bacteria. Plasmids can carry from four to 20 genes. Plasmids are a
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4. Stem Cell Topic: Findings and Recommendations
of experience with the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee’s (RAC) oversight of recombinant DNA research suggest that the RAC could be an effective institutional focal point within the federal government to facilitate the type of public
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5. Biography: Sheldon Krimsky
The Social History of the Recombinant DNA Controversy (MIT Press) and Biotechnics and Society: The Rise of Industrial Genetics (Praeger). He is co-author of Environmental Hazards: Communicating Risks as a Social Process (Auburn House), and
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6. General Term: Virus Vector
Viruses that combine with DNA fragments forming recombinant DNA molecules. Related Topics: Genetics Contributed by: BU Search for Virus Vector Full Glossary
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7. Cynthia Fitch
form of genetic testing or recombinant DNA -based medicines every time they go to a large hospital.” “Scientists and Pastors probably seem odd collaborators,” says Fitch, but our mutual mission of providing vital information
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8. Science and Suffering Topic: The Need for Education - Cynthia Fitch
form of genetic testing or recombinant DNA -based medicines every time they go to a large hospital.” “Scientists and Pastors probably seem odd collaborators,” says Fitch, but our mutual mission of providing vital information
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9. Stem Cell Topic: Human Embryonic Stem Cells
the striking parallel to recombinant DNA and monoclonal antibody technologies, both of which have amplified rare and precious biological entities. Like those technologies, ES cell technology may well be transformative in opening scientific
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10. Stem Cell Topic: Public Sector Oversight
in biomedical research. The Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) currently has a mandate to review ethical and policy issues associated with human gene therapy and could be authorized to change its mission to broaden its purview. Almost two
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