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11. General Term: Nucleotide
to form strands of DNA and RNA . Related Topics: Genetics Evolution Search for Nucleotide Full Glossary Index Next >
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12. General Term: Nucleus
and translation into RNA . Related Topics: Genetics Evolution Images: Sinauer Associates Contributed by: BU Search for Nucleus
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13. General Term: Reverse Transcriptase
in copying the retrovirus's RNA into a complementary strand of DNA once inside the host cell. Related Topics: Genetics By permission. From Online Biology Book Glossary property of Prof. Michael Farabee
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14. Evolution and Providence Topic: Stephen Meyer - Presentation
, Charles Darwin , DNA , RNA , Chromosome , Natural Selection Topic Index Next > Eugenie Scott - Presentation Show Topics/Video Contributed by: CTNS . Video
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15. Genetics Topic: Patenting God’s Creation?
creating messenger RNA (mRNA), Venter set his focus on mRNA. He began making sturdier clone copies of the otherwise fragile mRNA; and these stronger and analyzable copies he called cDNAs . By sequencing only the cDNAs he could be assured
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16. Genetics Topic: Should Genes Be Patented?
It is coded into messenger RNA by the process that reads the raw cellular DNA. This fact leads to an interesting double-mindedness on the part of Daniel Kevles, historian of science, and Leroy Hood, molecular geneticist. On the one hand, they
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17. Intelligent Design Topic: E. coli and its Rotary Propulsion System: Dembski&...
of the cell and its external environment. The nucleoid within the cell contains the cell’s circular DNA molecule , which houses E. coli’s genetic information. The genome of E. coli - the instructional information residing in
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18. Origins Topic: Niles Eldredge - Presentation
, Charles Darwin , DNA , RNA , Chromosome , Natural Selection Topic Index Next > Niles Eldredge - Q&A Show Topics/Video Email link | Feedback |
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19. Origins Topic: Wesley Elsberry - Order and Design: Philosophical Issues
, Charles Darwin , DNA , RNA , Chromosome , Natural Selection Topic Index Next > Eugenie Scott - Evolution, Religion and Public Science Education Show Topics/Video
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