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41. Faith and Reason Topic: Ron Numbers on the Religious Reponse to Darwin's Theory
Reponse to Darwin 's Theory Other Interviews: Munawar Anees Anindita N. Balslev John D. Barrow S. Jocelyn Bell Burnell
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42. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Wave-Particle Duality
experiment in terms of quantum theory in Paul Davies ’ God and the New Physics , p108-111. Topic Index More: The Quantum Revolution Show Related Topics
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43. General Term: Bohr, Niels (1885-1962)
He was the founder of atomic quantum theory and the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics. His theory denied the possibility of a unified, observer-independent field. His own interpretation, the heart of his Copenhagen philosophy,
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44. Physics Topic: Physics and Cosmology in the 20th Century
Bang cosmology. Meanwhile quantum mechanics, when united with special relativity (1930), produced relativistic quantum mechanics / quantum field theory , and eventually to particle physics , in which electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force
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45. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Does God Collapse the Wave Function?
In effect this would be the quantum-mechanical version of Bishop Berkeley’s idealism . This is memorably summarised in a couple of limericks: There was once a man who said ‘God Must think it exceedingly odd If he
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46. Maddox Bibliography Topic: C. Particle Physics
Cushing, James T. Quantum Mechanics : Historical Contingency and the Copenhagen Hegemony . Chicago: University of Chicago, 1994. Ford, Kenneth William. The Quantum World : Quantum Physics for Everyone . Cambridge, MA:
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47. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Criticisms of Quantum-Based Proposals on...
and Polkinghorne reject quantum indeterminacy as a candidate for the causal joint. The link between the probabilistic world of quantum mechanics and the macroscopic world is still poorly understood (see Schrödinger’s Cat and the
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48. Maddox Bibliography Topic: B. Introductions to the Philosophy of Science
and Relativism: Theory, Method and Evidence . Boulder, CO: Westview, 1996. Norris, Christopher. Quantum Theory and the Flight from Realism: Philosophical Responses to Quantum Mechanics . New York: Routledge, 2000.
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49. Physics Topic: Big Bang Cosmology and Creation Theology
and limitations of Big Bang theory. Many of these are changing as we learn more about the physical evolution of the universe and as we move beyond the theory of general relativity into quantum gravity. So, given that all scientific theories
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50. Divine Action Topic: Wildman, Wesley J. and Robert John Russell. “Chaos...
on the testing of chaos theory due to the peculiar nature of chaotic randomness. In this sense, chaos theory places a fundamental and unexpected new limit on how well the hypothesis of metaphysical determinism can be supported. On the basis
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