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11. Divine Action Topic: Clarke, Chris. “The Histories Interpretation of Qu...
Histories Interpretation of Quantum Theory and the Problem of Human/Divine Action." The overall aim of Chris Clarke’s essay is to show how a modification of the consistent- histories interpretation of quantum mechanics provides a
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12. Divine Action Topic: Crutchfield, James P., J. Doyne Farmer, Norman H. Packa...
determinism posed by quantum mechanics for subatomic phenomena like radioactive decay, but stresses that large-scale chaotic behavior, which focuses instead on macroscopic phenomena like the trajectory of a baseball or the flow of water,
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13. Divine Action Topic: Polkinghorne, John. “Physical Process, Quantum Eve...
speaking about individual quantum processes, including consistent-histories approaches. He then outlines various groups of proposals for interpreting quantum theory which seem more promising. The first group starts with quantum theory as it
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14. General Term: Quantum Field Theory
Quantum Field Theory A theory developed by Paul Dirac in 1927 that explains the apparent paradox of wave/particle duality, by identifying a wave with the superposition of an indefinite number of particles. For example, if a wave
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15. Physics Topic: Special Relativity
physics (the other is quantum mechanics ). It makes a fundamental break with Newtonian mechanics, drastically changing our conceptions of the physics of space, time and their relation. It was published in 1905 by Einstein as a complete
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16. Divine Action Topic: Peacocke, Arthur. “God’s Interaction with the...
stemming from quantum theory . Chaotic and dissipative systems prove to be unpredictable in practice, primarily because of the nature of our knowledge of the real numbers, and possibly (and more problematically) because of quantum
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17. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: The Rediscovery of the Observer
be understood in terms of quantum theory. In these topics we shall see how problems interpreting black-body radiation led to ‘the ultraviolet catastrophe ’ and the first proposal in quantum theory, how Einstein helped the
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18. Divine Action Topic: Cushing, James T. “Determinism Versus Indeterminis...
the “no-signaling” theory of quantum mechanics prohibits sending messages faster than light. In Bohm’s theory, the quantum potential U conveys the influence of the environment on the particle, while U is determined, in turn,
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19. Divine Action Topic: Berry, Michael. “Chaos and the Semiclassical Limit...
as we generalize to a deeper theory, the singularities of the old theory are dissolved and replaced by new ones. Book Series Index Next: Butterfield, Jeremy. “Some Worlds of Quantum Theory." Email link |
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20. Divine Action Topic: Shimony, Abner. “The Reality of the Quantum World....
“The Reality of the Quantum World ." In this paper, Abner Shimony describes two essential concepts in quantum mechanics . The first is the quantum state or wavefunction, which specifies all the quantities of a physical
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