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1. Divine Action Topic: Polkinghorne, John. “Physical Process, Quantum Eve...
apparatus is made of quantum constituents. Polkinghorne also finds unsatisfactory a statistical interpretation of quantum mechanics which refrains from speaking about individual quantum processes, including consistent-histories approaches.
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2. Divine Action Topic: Shimony, Abner. “The Reality of the Quantum World....
“The Reality of the Quantum World ." In this paper, Abner Shimony describes two essential concepts in quantum mechanics . The first is the quantum state or wavefunction, which specifies all the quantities of a physical
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3. Divine Action Topic: Chiao, Raymond Y. “Quantum Nonlocalities: Experime...
effect and in any case, and quantum events cannot be used for signaling because of the fundamentally probabilistic, uncontrollable nature of quantum events. Chiao then interprets all three kinds of quantum nonlocalities as resulting from the
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4. Divine Action Topic: Ellis, George F.R. “Quantum Theory and the Macrosc...
on two issues related to quantum theory and ontology: the possibility of chaotic/fractal structures in quantum processes, and the status of the theoretical and mathematical terms in quantum theory (e.g., are they human invention or Platonic
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5. Divine Action Topic: Quantum Theory
the Semiclassical Limit of Quantum Mechanics (Is the Moon There When Somebody Looks?)" Butterfield, Jeremy. “Some Worlds of Quantum Theory." Chiao, Raymond Y. “Quantum Nonlocalities:
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6. General Term: Quantum Theory
Quantum Theory Quantum theory grew out of a series of anomalies in the picture of matter and light offered by Newtonian physics - in particular associated with black-body radiation, the photo-electric effect , and the need to
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7. Physics Topic: God’s Providence and Quantum Mechanics
given but a result of the quantum world . Thus the laws which describe the classical world are approximations to the laws of quantum mechanics which describe how the classical world, with its Newtonian regularity, arises directly out of
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8. Divine Action Topic: Grib, Andrej A. “Quantum Cosmology, the Role of th...
and suggests how quantum cosmology can provide plausibility arguments for Orthodox Christian theology. Grib begins by describing several key interpretations of quantum physics. According to Niels Bohr , complementary quantum
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9. Divine Action Topic: Berry, Michael. “Chaos and the Semiclassical Limit...
and its absence in quantum mechanics. If classical mechanics is the limit of quantum mechanics when Planck ’s constant h can be ignored, why does a system appear nonchaotic according to quantum mechanics and yet chaotic when we set
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10. Physics Topic: Quantum Physics
interpretation of quantum mechanics, arguing that quantum unpredictability points to a fundamental indeterminism in reality. Werner Heisenberg argued this way: the chance aspects of quantum phenomena are due to an ontological property,
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