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1. General Term: Particle Physics
Particle Physics A branch of physics dealing with the description and categorization of the basic units of matter and energy. Related Topics: Physics Contributed by: CTNS Search
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2. Maddox Bibliography Topic: C. Particle Physics
C. Particle Physics Cushing, James T. Quantum Mechanics : Historical Contingency and the Copenhagen Hegemony . Chicago: University of Chicago, 1994. Ford, Kenneth William. The Quantum World : Quantum Physics for
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3. Science and the Spiritual Quest Topic: John Polkinghorne on his work in part...
Polkinghorne on his work in particle physics John Polkinghorne on beauty and wonder in nature Other Video Sequences: Munawar Anees Anindita N. Balslev
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4. Physics Topic: Physics and Cosmology in the 20th Century
theory , and eventually to particle physics , in which electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force were unified (e.g., the electroweak force ), and these unified with the strong nuclear force (fundamental particle physics) (1940's - present).
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5. Physics Topic: Quantum Physics
Quantum Physics The second fundamental break with classical physics after general relativity came gradually over a thirty year period (1900-1930) with the development of quantum mechanics by dozens of physicists including Planck ,
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6. Biography: Medhi Golshani
research interests include particle physics , cosmology and foundations of quantum mechanics . Modern Science and the Three Monotheisms: An New Partnership? Interview
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7. Biography: Russell Stannard
B.Sc. (Special Physics) (1953); followed by Ph.D in cosmic ray physics (1956), both at University College London (UCL). Interview Awards OBE for ‘contributions to physics, the Open University,
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8. Biography: Edward Kolb
as the first head of Astrophysics. He is also a Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago. He is a co-author of The Early Universe, the standard textbook on particle physics and cosmology and his book for the
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9. Interview: Steven Weinberg (PBS)
talk about God. The aim of physics, or at least one branch of physics, is after all to find the principles that explain the principles that explain the principles that explain everything we see in nature, to find the ultimate rational basis of
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10. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Book Section: Full Book Table of Contents
3: Theology and the New Physics 3.1 Introduction Section A: Classical physics and the Newtonian world-view (3.2-3.4) 3.2 The scientific revolution - 3.3 From method to world-view - 3.4 Change and continuity in the physical
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