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11. Divine Action Topic: Astronomy
“Formalism and Ontology in Early Astronomy." Book Series Index Next: Biblical Studies Email link | Printer-friendly | Feedback | Contributed by: CTNS /Vatican Observatory
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12. Divine Action Topic: Butterfield, Jeremy. “Some Worlds of Quantum Theor...
a highly nonclassical ontology . He acknowledges the enormous empirical success of quantum theory but notes that considerable problems arise in reconciling it with special and general relativity , and he argues strongly against reductionism.
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13. Divine Action Topic: Clayton, Philip. “Tracing the Lines: Constraint an...
d’Espagnat’s ontology, terming it “Spinozistic Monism.” Here the state vector expresses properties of a deeper, underlying reality which we can never describe in itself but which is manifested in what we observe and which
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14. Divine Action Topic: Gilkey, Langdon. “The God of Nature.”
(history) leads to ontology or metaphysics - the effort to understand the structure of being qua being. This level of reflection is crucial for both the scientist and the theologian. For the scientist it provides the rational
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15. Divine Action Topic: Happel, Stephen. “Divine Providence and Instrument...
into an historical ontology and a language of mutual mediation such that all levels of reality have their relative autonomy. Contemporary science, with its analysis of self-organizing systems, provides an understanding of the
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16. Divine Action Topic: Peacocke, Arthur. “Biological Evolution - A Positi...
and a putative ontology . Emergence, in turn, is God’s action as the continuous, ongoing, and immanent Creator in and through the processes of nature. The second feature is the mechanism of evolution. Although
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17. Divine Action Topic: Polkinghorne, John. “The Metaphysics of Divine Act...
“from epistemology to ontology ,” but the strategy of critical realism is to maximize the connection. This leads most physicists, he claims, to interpret Heisenberg ’s uncertainty principle as implying an actual indeterminacy in
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18. Divine Action Topic: Polkinghorne, John. “The Laws of Nature and the La...
“epistemology models ontology ”). The reality thus known must include the phenomena of mind-brain. Polkinghorne admits that no solution to the mind-brain problem is forthcoming, but hopes that his is a “suggestive way of
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19. Divine Action Topic: Quantum Theory
“Formalism and Ontology in Early Astronomy." Murphy, Nancey. “Divine Action in the Natural Order: Buridan’s Ass and Schrdinger’s Cat.” Murphy, Nancey. “Evidence of
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20. Itnerdisciplinary Topic: Atheology
of the soul. The tacit ontology of the new psychology of emotions, as developed by Spencer, Bain, Darwin and, ultimately, James in the 1850s-1880s was one in which there were only two real psychical agencies - the evolutionary past and the
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