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31. Biography: Michael Merzenich
Reorganization Enabled by Nucleus Basalis Activity . Science: 1998. Merzenich, Michael, et al. Temporal Processing Deficits of Language-Learning Impaired Children . Science: 1996. Merzenich, Michael and Robert Schindler (Eds.).
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32. General Term: Cloning
the process of taking the nucleus of a somatic cell and injecting it into enucleated egg. The egg is then implanted into the uterus to grow. Also see SCNT (somatic cell nuclear transfer). More... Related Topics:
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33. General Term: Evolutionary Biology
in the chromosomes of the nucleus of each cell. DNA in turn consists of two long chains of nucleotides coiled into a double helix . A gene is a sequence of nucleotides required for the production of a specific protein; the information needed
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34. General Term: Mitochondrial DNA
not the same the DNA in the nucleus. Mitochondrion Related Topics: Genetics Evolution Image: Sinauer Associates Contributed by: BU Search for Mitochondrial DNA
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35. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: The Role of Model and Metaphor
the positively-charged nucleus in a way which was like - and yet not like - the way the planets orbit the sun (see collapsing atoms ). The model proved a fruitful heuristic device - that is to say, it promoted further exploration, and
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36. Genetics Topic: But Who Speaks for Me? The Need for the Religous Voice in Bi...
DNA , Mitosis , Nucleotide , Nucleus , SNP , SCNT , Stem Cells , Telomere , Transgenic , Xenotransplantation , Zygote Topic Index Next > In God's Garden: Creation and Cloning in Jewish Thought
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37. Genetics Topic: A Catholic Perspective on Cloning and Stem Cell Research
DNA , Mitosis , Nucleotide , Nucleus , SNP , SCNT , Stem Cells, Telomere , Transgenic , Xenotransplantation , Zygote Topic Index Next > Created in Whose Image and Likeness? An Orthodox Christian Approach
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38. Stem Cell Topic: Question: What's in the Petri Dish, Property or Person?
hosting a transferred DNA nucleus a person, or a potential person? Is a fertilized ovum from an IVF clinic that has been borrowed in order to make a blastocyst a potential person; or is it merely a piece of property to be donated for
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