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1. Evolution Topic: Natural Selection as a Directive Process
ensue as by-products of natural selection fostering adaptation. Darwin formulated natural selection primarily as differential survival. The modern understanding of the principle of natural selection is formulated in genetic and statistical
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2. Intelligent Design Topic: The Distinction Between Natural and Non-Natural De...
The Distinction Between Natural and Non-Natural Designers But isn't there an evidentially significant difference between natural and non-natural designers? It seems that this worry is really what's behind the desire to front-load all the
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3. Intelligent Design Topic: Can Specified Complexity Even Have a Mechanism?
not saying that for a given natural object exhibiting specified complexity, all the natural causal mechanisms so far considered have failed to account for it and therefore it had to be designed. Rather they are saying that the specified complexity
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4. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Religion and the Rise of Science
do - a plausible task for natural theology and philosophy - it is both permissible and necessary to ‘put the world to the test’ in Francis Bacon ’s memorable phrase - to conduct experiments. Beyond this, 17th-Century
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5. Creation/Evolution Survey Topic: Results
one could view Christian theology as a subset of what might be called natural theology . That is, one learns about God from nature as well as from Christian documents. Any apparent conflicts between observations of nature and the
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6. Divine Action Topic: Clarke, Chris. “The Histories Interpretation of Qu...
quantum mechanics provides a natural setting for understanding human and divine action. For Clarke, religion is largely about finding the meaning of the “good life,” and our aim is to help people live it. Hence we tell stories about the
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7. Divine Action Topic: Clifford, Anne M. “Darwin’s Revolution in the...
Study of the Movement form Natural Theology to Natural Selection ." Anne Clifford examines Darwin’s The Origin of Species in relation to nineteenth-century British natural theology. Though the latter was considered a form of
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8. Divine Action Topic: Murphy, Nancey. “Divine Action in the Natural Orde...
criteria, derived from both theology and science, which any satisfactory theory of divine action must meet. She claims that it must allow for objectively special divine acts, yet not undercut our scientific picture of the law-like regularity of
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9. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Natural Theology vs Theology of Nature
The demise of natural theology, and its partial rebirth as ‘a philosophical theology or new style natural theology’ are well analysed by John Macquarrie. The central point to note is that those authors claiming to revive
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10. Divine Action Topic: Stoeger, Willam R., S.J. “The Immanent Directional...
be discovered through the natural sciences as they study the emergence of physical and biological structure, complexity, life, and mind. He intentionally stresses this point since so many scientists deny it. Stoeger, however, believes that the
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