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1. General Term: Genome
Genome The genome of an organism is its set of chromosomes , containing all of its genes and associated DNA . Related Topics: Genetics Contributed by: CTNS Search for Genome
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2. Genetics Topic: Ethical Challenges in a Post Genome Era
Challenges in a Post Genome Era Charles P. Delisi - Dean, Boston University College of Engineering Safety Efficiency of Cloning in Humans Unknown; Low in Other Vertebrates No Knowledge of Life
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3. Origins Topic: Ken Miller - Darwin, God, and the Human Genome
Darwin , God, and the Human Genome Slides: Mount Rushmore , Rosetta Stone , DNA Double-Helix , DNA Backbone , Bacterial Flagellum Related Topics: Science and Divine Intervention/Action A Classification of Theories of Divine
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4. Intelligent Design Topic: Is the flagellum complex? Computing the crucial pr...
portion of the E. coli genome as the only subset of base-pair sequences that required non-natural action to configure them correctly forces that portion into a special category relative to the rest of the genome. Why would the flagellar
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5. Interview: Ted Peters
your work with the Human Genome Project. DR. PETERS: The Human Genome Project is a worldwide research project in which geneticists in many countries are trying to do three things. They want to sequence the nucleotides in the DNA. They want
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6. Resources: Bibliography for Peters on Genetics
USA. Report in Human Genome News , 6:6 (March-April 1995) 5. "Is Gene Therapy a Form of Eugenics ?" Bioethics , 7:2/3 (April 1993) 184. "Social Policy Issues in Genome Research," Forum
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7. Genetics Topic: Democratizing Decision Making Relating to Biotechnology
Genome Technology & Reproduction Values & Public Policy, A Community Dialogue Project (Michigan) Initiated in 1997 Funded by NIH – ELSI Program (Ethical, Legal, & Social
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8. Interview: Francis Collins
explaining what is the Human Genome Project and what is your role in it? DR. COLLINS: The Human Genome Project is an audacious effort to read the entire sequence of all the human DNA by the year 2005. It's an international effort, but the
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9. Biography: Francis Collins
Center for Human Genome Research, following in the footsteps of James Watson . In that role, Collins has overseen the successful completion of several of the Genome Project's goals, and now the full ramp-up of the sequencing component
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10. Genetics Topic: Genetics Research
associated with the Human Genome Project (HGP ), sometimes referred to as the Human Genome Initiative (HGI). Started in 1988, HGP is a “big science” project, international in scope, involving numerous laboratories and associations
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