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11. Interview: Francis Collins
On Genetic Engineering, Medical Research and a Call to Healing On Potential Dilemmas with Genetic Engineering On Human Cloning On The Role Religious People
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12. Science and Suffering Topic: Feminist & Process Theodicies - Nancy Howell
Radical Suffering and Genetic Defects. “In tragic cases,” Howell says, “genetic expression is defective and fosters radical suffering. The question is, what do we mean by ‘genetic defect’?” Cole-Turner,
- 13.4kb

13. Resources: Bibliography for Peters on Genetics
"The Church and Genetic Engineering ," Pronouncement of the Seventeenth General Synod, United Church of Christ, Fort Worth, Texas, 1989, p.4. "United Methodist Church Genetic Task Force Report to the 1992 General
- 8.0kb

14. Intro Topic: Genetics
genes - what is known as genetic engineering . While this technology may lead to new cures for inherited diseases, and even (it is hoped) for many kinds of cancers, some religious believers have been resistant to genetic engineering. Some have
- 6.7kb

15. Science and Suffering Topic: Can we Play God? - David Perry
Perry says, is that “Genetic engineering is often judged as ‘unnatural’ or said to ‘violate natural law.” But such an argument is flawed, Perry argues, because “strictly in descriptive or empirical terms, the claim
- 5.2kb

16. Divine Action Topic: Peters, Ted. “Playing God with Our Evolutionary Fu...
human dignity regardless of genetic inheritance and the technical possibilities in genetic engineering , but he recognizes that the underlying reasons for prejudice and discrimination today are not germ-line intervention. A more serious challenge
- 7.6kb

17. Genetics Topic: Genetics & Ethics: Topics Index
the ethical implications of genetic engineering . Yet there is more. The theology of co-creation leads Ronald Cole-Turner to a beneficent vision: “For the church, it is not enough to avoid the risks. Genetic engineering must contribute in
- 6.1kb

18. Biography: Thomas Shannon
recent works have been on genetic engineering and include the edited collection Genetic Engineering: The Documentary History (Greenwood Press, 1999) and Made in Whose Image? Genetic Engineering and Christian Ethics (Humanity Books, 1999).
- 2.6kb

19. Genetics Topic: Treating Faulty DNA
circumstances would human genetic engineering not be a moral good? In the broadest sense, when it detracts from, rather than contributes to, the dignity of man....Somatic cell enhancement engineering would threaten important human values in two
- 3.8kb

20. Science and Suffering Topic: Theological Perspectives on Genetics - Ron Cole...
Theological Perspectives on Genetics - Ron Cole-Turner While Perry demonstrated the weaknesses of several popular theological arguments against genetic engineering , Dr. Ronald Cole-Turner, the H. Parker Sharp Associate Professor of Theology
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