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1. General Term: Genetic Mutations
Genetic Mutations Changes between or within chromosomes that may alter an organism’s phenotype , giving it greater or lesser advantage in the process of natural selection . Related Topics: Genetics
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2. Divine Action Topic: Ellis, George F.R. “Quantum Theory and the Macrosc...
the eye) and processes (e.g. genetic mutations expressed in the organism); coherent implementation of micro-effects; “essentially quantum effects at the macrolevel” (e.g., superconductivity); and quantum entanglement (e.g. Bose-Einstein
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3. Divine Action Topic: Peacocke, Arthur. “Biological Evolution - A Positi...
Chance characterizes both mutations in DNA (types 1a and/or 2), and the relation between genetic mutation and the adaptation of progeny (type 1b). Chance in turn was elevated to a metaphysical principle by Jacques Monod, who rejected
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4. Evolution Topic: Natural Selection as a Creative Process
of the eye. Such genetic units gradually accumulated, eventually leading to the highly complex and efficient vertebrate eye. Natural selection can account for the rise and spread of genetic constitutions, and therefore of types of
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5. Divine Action Topic: Birch, Charles. “Neo-Darwinism, Self-organization,...
the problem of deleterious mutations, subtleties concerning the role of chance, the genetic assimilation of environmental effects, influences on natural selection by modification of the environment, and both neutral and punctuated theories of
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6. Divine Action Topic: Haught, John F. “Darwin’s Gift to Theology."
contingent events, such as genetic mutations , signal the inbreaking of the new creation, that necessity is an expression of God’s faithfulness, and that the arrival of the divine Novum endows the world with its temporality. Book
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7. Divine Action Topic: Peacocke, Arthur. “Chance and Law in Irreversible ...
the mechanisms underlying genetic mutations . Though agreeing with him this far, Peacocke challenges both Monod’s generalization of the role of chance from the context of evolution to include all of human culture, and his subsequent
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8. Evolution Topic: Natural Selection as an Opportunistic Process
and the randomly arising mutations. But natural selection does not anticipate the environments of the future; drastic environmental changes may be insuperable to organisms that were previously thriving. Adaptation to a given environment may
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9. Genetics Topic: Ethical Challenges in a Post Genome Era
Is a Delayed Genetic Twin a Replicate? Mutations Absence of mitochondrial DNA Environment The Danger of Extreme Nationalism Different Views of Safety and
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