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21. Science and Religion Topic: Father Robert Spitzer: The Anthropic Principle -...
’s Equation for the General Theory at Relativity (Regulating the interaction at mass energy with space - time coordinate structure) Topic Index More: Cosmos and Creator -
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22. Divine Action Topic: Quantum Theory
“Introduction to General Relativity and Cosmology." Ellis, George F.R. “Quantum Theory and the Macroscopic World." Ellis, George F. R. “The Theology of the Anthropic
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23. Divine Action Topic: Russell, Robert John. “Divine Action and Quantum M...
level, understood as both general and special providence, arise in part from God’s direct action at the quantum level. God sustains the deterministic time-development of elementary processes governed by the Schrödinger equation, and
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24. Intro Topic: Cosmology
was supported by Einstein 's General Theory of Relativity, which provided a beautiful set of equations to describe how a universe could arise out of nothing. Ironically, the tables have now been turned with some scientists today arguing that the
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25. Intro Topic: A Theory of Everything
century physics - the general theory of relativity and quantum theory . Since general relativity describes the large scale, or cosmological, structure of the universe, and quantum theory describes the microscopic, or subatomic, structures,
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26. Science and Religion Topic: Stephen Meyer: The New Cosmology
Field Equations of General Relativity R ab - 1/2 Rg ab = 8o T ab
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27. Divine Action Topic: Butterfield, Jeremy. “Some Worlds of Quantum Theor...
it with special and general relativity , and he argues strongly against reductionism. He then provides a brief summary of the formalism of quantum theory, including a discussion of pure states, mixed states, and the meaning of probability
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28. Divine Action Topic: Heller, Michael. “Generalizations: From Quantum Me...
seeks to show the degree of generalization already present in quantum theory by using the recently discovered noncommutative geometry. It not only clearly shows the generalizing mechanisms underlying the present theory, but it also points towards
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29. Divine Action Topic: Ward, Keith. “God as a Principle of Cosmological E...
interpretation of special relativity , but he is highly critical of it. Ward maintains that the doctrine of creation does not entail a timeless God. Although God transcends spacetime as its cause, God is nevertheless temporal, since “. . .
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30. Intro Topic: The Big Bang
was first suggested by the general theory of relativity, completed by Albert Einstein in 1916. Einstein's equations, which describe the structure of space and time, suggested that the universe should not be static, but that it ought to be
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