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11. Genetics Topic: Are We Asking Our Scientists to Play God?
research and medical therapy. This applies particularly to the field of human genetics and, still more particularly, to the prospect of germline intervention for purposes of human enhancement—that is, the insertion of new gene
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12. Science and Suffering Topic: Theological Perspectives on Genetics - Ron Cole...
Theological Perspectives on Genetics,” Cole-Turner asks “Why do innocent people suffer?” “The question is as old as humanity and yet as new as today’s genetics lab, where scientists search for the relationship between
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13. Biography: Beth Arnold
cystic fibrosis , gene therapy , genetic testing and transgenic technologies. Prior to becoming a patent attorney, she worked in the technology transfer office at the Massachusetts General Hospital and in the pharmaceutical research
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14. Divine Action Topic: Peters, Ted. “Playing God with Our Evolutionary Fu...
only engage in somatic therapy or should we undertake germ-line therapy, and should the purposes of the latter include enhancement? Peters cites a number of church documents which call for caution or for limitations to somatic
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15. Stem Cell Topic: Findings and Recommendations
issues associated with gene therapy and could be authorized to change its mission to broaden its purview. These federal bodies should work with interested stakeholders in the conduct of stem cell research - professional organizations,
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16. Biography: Jensine Andresen
to xenotransplantation , gene therapy , human cloning , stem cell research, and intellectual property rights. Also while at BU, she conducted research on the role of the frontal lobes in mediating the relationship between spirituality and
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17. Genetics Topic: Patenting Genes – Some Perspectives
human life is a form of genetic slavery. Instead of whole persons being marched in shackles to the market block, human cellines and gene sequences are labeled, patented and sold to the highest bidders.” Land added a judgment against
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18. Stem Cell Topic: Private Sector Oversight
the market for individual genes, or even gene fragments , holds lucrative possibilities, great caution should be taken in ceding domain to this area of research to the private sector in the absence of open and widespread public consultation.
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19. Stem Cell Topic: Transplantation
More: Gene Therapy Email link | Printer-friendly | Feedback | Contributed by: AAAS DoSER and the Institute for Civil Society
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