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11. Stem Cell Topic: AstroTheology: Religious Reflections on Extraterrestrial Li...
Within the encompassing field of astrobiology, we should distinguish between unintelligent and intelligent life. The field of exobiology focuses on the discovery of microbial or biologically simple forms of life, non-intelligent life forms. At
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12. Evolution Topic: Was Richard von Sternberg expelled?
point, because evolutionary theory doesn’t propose an explanation for life’s origin, nor do we even have an agreed upon theory from any scientific field outside of evolution. But we do have a virtually universally accepted theory for the
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13. General Term: Big Bang Cosmology
of his special theory of relativity, Einstein worked on applying it to a dynamical theory of gravity. His basic insight was to reconceptualize gravity as the curvature of spacetime instead of as a (Newtonian ) force in space. Rather
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14. Biography: Stephen Post
in the nation. In the field of bioethics, Post is both a generalist and a specialist with a focus on neurology, dementia, and aging. He is Editor-in-Chief of the definitive reference work in the field, the third edition of the five-volume
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15. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: A Classification of Theories of Divine A...
give a brief summary of each theory. The best way to compare them in detail is to ask - what, for each theory, is ‘the causal joint’ at which God - as a transcendent , immaterial world cause - interacts particularly with causative factors
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16. Biography: Russell Stannard
contributions to the field of spiritual values; in particular for contributions to greater understanding of science and religion’ (1986). The Bragg Medal and Prize of the Institute of Physics for ‘distinguished
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17. Divine Action Topic: Kuppers, Bernd-Olaf. “Understanding Complexity.”
of emergence even within a field, such as within physics, and not just between fields. In a similar way, those supporting intratheoretical reduction (e.g., reductionism within physics) frequently appeal to “bridge laws,” while
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18. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Different Understandings of Chance
the implications of quantum theory ). Polkinghorne has argued that there is indeterminacy also in large-scale chaotic systems. Meaning ii) has an enormous effect on how the world actually develops - most strikingly in the field of
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19. Intelligent Design Topic: The Distinction Between Natural and Non-Natural De...
idiom of modern information theory. Larry Arnhart remains unconvinced. In the most recent issue of First Things (November 2000) he claims that our knowledge of design arises not from any inference but from introspection of our own human
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20. Intro Topic: Purpose
it is not necessarily the field which can show us the point of either our own lives or of the universe as a whole. That task is outside science, he says; instead it is to be found in our own experience as human beings living in the world. As he
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