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1. Evolution Topic: Was Guillermo Gonzalez expelled?
important discovery in the field of extrasolar planets; and he is a proponent of intelligent design.” On the faculty at Iowa State University, Gonzalez has 68 career scientific publications, many of them highly cited in his discipline, plus
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2. General Term: Quantum Field Theory
Quantum Field Theory A theory developed by Paul Dirac in 1927 that explains the apparent paradox of wave/particle duality, by identifying a wave with the superposition of an indefinite number of particles. For example, if a wave
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3. General Term: Field Theory
Field Theory A theory that describes physical reality, including the spacetime continuum, by means of the influence of a field, such as gravity, on objects. Related Topics: Physics
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4. General Term: Classical Thermodynamics
the 20th century, the field was broadened to include open systems (i.e., systems which exchanged matter and/or energy with their environment). These first included non-linear systems in which effects on the system were highly amplified, and
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5. Biography: Steven Weinberg
recently Dreams of a Final Theory. He has written a textbook The Quantum Theory of Fields, Vol. I. and Vol. II. Search for Steven Weinberg Biography Index Next >
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6. Information Science Topic: Why is IT Seen as Mysterious?
the religious. However, this theory will probably be short lived, since eight-year olds tend work with IT very well. The mystical nature of cyberspace is also actively promoted by some of the visionary thinkers and researchers in the field:
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7. Biography: Niles Eldredge
fit between evolutionary theory and the fossil record. In recent years, he has focused on the mass extinctions of the geological past and their implications for understanding the modern biodiversity crisis and future human ecological
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8. General Term: Bohr, Niels (1885-1962)
founder of atomic quantum theory and the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics. His theory denied the possibility of a unified, observer-independent field. His own interpretation, the heart of his Copenhagen philosophy, implies
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9. Divine Action Topic: Wildman, Wesley J. and Robert John Russell. “Chaos...
on the testing of chaos theory due to the peculiar nature of chaotic randomness. In this sense, chaos theory places a fundamental and unexpected new limit on how well the hypothesis of metaphysical determinism can be supported. On the basis
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10. Physics Topic: Physics and Cosmology in the 20th Century
quantum mechanics / quantum field theory , and eventually to particle physics , in which electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force were unified (e.g., the electroweak force ), and these unified with the strong nuclear force
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