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31. Divine Action Topic: Ayala, Francisco J. “The Evolution of Life: An Ove...
II’s recent comments on evolutionary biology . Ayala then turns to a detailed exposition of the evidence for evolution, drawing on paleontology, comparative anatomy, biogeography, embryology , biochemistry, molecular genetics, and other
- 5.0kb

32. Biography: Jeffrey Schloss
Schloss, Ph.D. studied biology and philosophy as an undergraduate at Wheaton College, pursued postbaccalaureate study in field biology at the University of Virginia and the University of Michigan, and received his Ph.D. in Ecology and
- 4.0kb

33. Divine Action Topic: Wildman, Wesley J. “Evaluating the Teleological Ar...
been undermined by evolutionary biology , but more modest forms are still possible. Wildman claims that no detailed, supportive argument from biology to theories of divine action can be given, nor can evolution destroy such theories, but
- 6.8kb

34. Origins Topic: Niles Eldredge - Presentation
without Designer Evolutionary Biology and Theology - Index Intro to the Evolution Controversy Other Resources on the Creation/Evolution Controversy Glossary: Richard Dawkins , Charles Darwin , DNA , RNA ,
- 2.7kb

35. Origins Topic: Duane Gish - Presentation
View of Creation Evolutionary Biology and Theology Evolutionary Biology and Theology - Index The Caricature - Darwin v. Christianity Intro to the Evolution Controversy Other Resources on the
- 3.0kb

36. Evolution Topic: Was Caroline Crocker expelled?
lost her position teaching biology after lecturing on ID , no question about it. The film puts it this way: “After she simply mentioned Intelligent Design in her cell biology class at George Mason University, Caroline Crocker’s sterling
- 4.9kb

37. Biography: Michael Ruse
The Concept of Progress in Evolutionary Biology , The Philosophy of Biology , and Taking Darwin Seriously. New publications forthcoming include Can a Darwinian be a Christian? The Relationship Between Science and Religion,
- 3.5kb

38. Science and Suffering Topic: Feminist & Process Theodicies - Nancy Howell
to think about the impact of evolutionary biology and genetics on Christian theology.” This concept of created co-creator “fruitfully tells us that humans will be involved in genetic research and technology,” Howell says,
- 13.4kb

39. Origins Topic: Meyer & Scott on 'Intelligent Design'
of Intelligent Design Evolutionary Biology and Theology Evolutionary Biology and Theology - Index The Meaning of Genesis 1 Intro to the Evolution Controversy Can Darwinism Rule Out Truth In Religion? Darwin’s
- 3.1kb

40. Origins Topic: Ruse on the Fossil Record
- Louis Agassiz Evolutionary Biology and Theology Evolutionary Biology and Theology - Index The Meaning of Genesis 1 Intro to the Evolution Controversy Can Darwinism Rule Out Truth In Religion? Darwin’s
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