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1. General Term: Eugenics
Eugenics Eugenics involves using principles of genetics to "improve" humankind. Though presently out of favor, the idea that this was a good thing was fairly universally accepted throughout the early part of this century.
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2. Genetics Topic: Improving our DNA
is the specter of eugenics . The word “eugenics” connotes the ghastly racial policies of Nazism, and this accounts for much of today’s mistrust of genetic science in Germany and elsewhere. No one expects a resurrection
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3. Resources: Bibliography for Peters on Genetics
Gene Therapy a Form of Eugenics ?" Bioethics , 7:2/3 (April 1993) 184. "Social Policy Issues in Genome Research," Forum for Applied Research and Public Policy , 8:3 (Fall 1993) 15. "The Church and
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4. Divine Action Topic: Peters, Ted. “Playing God with Our Evolutionary Fu...
implicit association with eugenics . By and large, religious ethical thinking is conservative, seeking to preserve the present human gene pool for the indefinite future. From this perspective, germ-line intervention triggers the sense of
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5. Evolution and Providence Topic: Michael Ruse - Presentation
, Steven J Gould , Eugenics , Sociobiology Topic Index Next > Jeffrey Schloss - Presentation Show Topics/Video Contributed by: CTNS . Video adapted from
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6. Evolution Topic: Did Darwin lead to Hitler?
very different from fascist eugenics : e.g., racial egalitarianism, feminism, anti-feminism, Marxism, and free enterprise capitalism. Big ideas can be used, or misused, for all manner of big causes, and Darwinism - like the Bible - has been
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7. Genetics Topic: The Abortion Controversy Intensifies
this lead to a new form of eugenics , to selective breeding based upon personal preference and prevailing social values? What will become of human dignity in all this? The ethical question we face today is; by what criterion do we deem a
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8. Origins Topic: Michael Ruse - Presentation
Dawkins , Steven J Gould , Eugenics , Sociobiology Topic Index Next > Jeffrey Schloss - Presentation Show Topics/Video Email link | Feedback |
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