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41. Biography: Robert Song
the Moral Limits of Embryo and Embryonic Stem Cell Research? Search for Robert Song Biography Index Next >
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42. General Term: Blastocyst
A preimplantation embryo of 30-150 cells. Contains a layer of specialized cells is made up of trophoblasts, which attach to the uterine wall and form the placenta. Inside the trophoblast layer is the inner cell mass. These cells
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43. General Term: Endoderm
of the germ layers of an embryo that is the source of the epithelium of the digestive tract and its derivatives. Contributed by: BU Search for Endoderm Full Glossary Index
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44. General Term: Mesoderm
primary germ layers of an embryo . It forms into many of the bodily tissues and structures such as bone, muscle, connective tissue, and skin. Contributed by: BU Search for Mesoderm Full
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45. General Term: Morphogenesis
of the whole or a part of an embryo ; the sequence whereby complex microcosm-macrocosm interchanges occur which further develop the microcosm’s given form or structure. For example, the maturation of an adult mammal from a fertilized ovum,
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46. General Term: Stem Cells
cell types. In contrast, embryonic stem (ES) cells are not limited in there potential to differentiate into every cell type. Embryonic germ (EG) cells have the same potential as ES cells . It is the versatility and nonspecifically of these
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47. General Term: Totipotent Stem Cells
All cells within the early embryo are totipotent up until the 16 cell stage or so. Related Topics: Genetics Contributed by: Dr. Ted Peters Search for Totipotent Stem Cells
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48. General Term: Zygote
The zygote develops into an embryo . Related Topics: Genetics Contributed by: CTNS Search for Zygote Full Glossary Index Next >
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49. Genetics Topic: Testing Early in Pregnancy
preimplantation stage of the embryo (or pre-embryo) to determine if the word “abortion” applies. If it does, this may lead to recommending that genetic screening be pushed back one step further, to the gamete stage prior to
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50. Genetics Topic: Cloning
near Edinburgh, Scotland, embryologist Ian Wilmut produced a live adult lamb from cells originating in a sheep mammary gland. The method was simple, technologically speaking; Wilmut took a mammary cell from an adult sheep and placed its DNA
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