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81. General Term: Gonadal Cell Therapy
from somatic cell therapy (cells not involved in sexual reproduction) in that any changes made to genes in these cells will be passed along to the next generation. Related Topics: Genetics Contributed by: CTNS
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82. General Term: Huntington's Disease
of nervous system cells, including brain cells, beginning at around age 30. It is possible to predict whether a person will develop this disease, using RFLP (DNA "fingerprinting"), but there is no known cure. Related Topics:
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83. General Term: IVF
a test tube (in vitro). The cells fuse to form single cell called a zygote , which then starts dividing, becoming an embryo . When the zygote/embryo is only a few cells large, it is implanted in the woman's uterus, and, if successful, will develop
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84. General Term: Pluripotent Stem-Cells
Pluripotent Stem-Cells Stem cells which can develop into any of the three major tissue types: endoderm (interior gut lining), mesoderm (muscle, bone, blood), and ectoderm (epidermal tissues and nervous system). Pluripotent stem
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85. General Term: Sickle-cell Anemia
abnormally shaped red blood cells, which then have difficulty circulating properly through the body. It is caused by a one nucleotide substitution in one gene. This is a recessive mutation, meaning that the disease only develops when both copies
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86. Event: Issues for the Millennium: Cloning and Genetic Technologies (Boston ...
Production of Embryonic Stem Cells from Differentiated Somatic Cells Application of Cloning to the Production of Biopharmaceuticals to Treat Human and Animal Disease
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87. Genetics Topic: Genetics Research
in each of our body’s cells. The study's motive is to identify the 4,000 or so genes that are suspected to be responsible for inherited diseases and to prepare the way for treatment through genetic therapy. For the human beings whose cells
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88. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: The Concept of Emergence
an animal as a collection of cells living together is to miss a great many properties characteristic of the way those cells co-operate.) Two notes of caution: we are not here referring to temporal emergence - a more complex system
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89. Genetics Topic: A Catholic Perspective on Cloning and Stem Cell Research
AAAS Report on Stem-Cells... Evanston Seminary Stem-Cell Colloquy Ted Peters on Stem-Cells and Ethics Ted Peters on Genetics and Ethics Nancey Murphy on Personhood: Getting Mind Out of Meat Olivia White: An
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90. Genetics Topic: Genetics, the Market, and Policy
AAAS Report on Stem-Cells... Evanston Seminary Stem-Cell Colloquy Ted Peters on Stem-Cells and Ethics Ted Peters on Genetics and Ethics Nancey Murphy on Personhood: Getting Mind Out of Meat Olivia White: An
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