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1. Divine Action Topic: Crutchfield, James P., J. Doyne Farmer, Norman H. Packa...
class of phenomena called dynamical systems. Such systems can be described in terms of their state, including all relevant information about them at a particular time, and an equation, or dynamic, that governs the evolution of the state in time.
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2. Divine Action Topic: Peacocke, Arthur. “God’s Interaction with the...
to relatively simple, dynamic, law-obeying systems; to statistical properties of assemblies; to Newtonian systems which are deterministic yet unpredictable; and to “chaotic” and “dissipative” systems. In doing so he also
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3. General Term: Dynamic Theory
Dynamic Theory A theory that deals with forces and their relation to the motion of objects. Contributed by: CTNS Search for Dynamic Theory Full Glossary Index
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4. General Term: Kinematic Theory
Kinematic Theory A branch of dynamic theory that deals with aspects of motion apart from mass and force. Related Topics: Physics Search for Kinematic Theory
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5. Divine Action Topic: Arbib, Michael A. “Crusoe’s Brain: Of Solitud...
in terms of schema theory: a word or phrase is an impoverished representation of some schema assemblage. Thus, extraction of meaning is a virtually endless dynamic process. In the second part of Arbib’s essay he applies social
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6. Divine Action Topic: Clifford, Anne M. “Darwin’s Revolution in the...
positions that Darwin’s theory of natural selection would reject. Data gathered from his voyage on the Beagle triggered Darwin’s “conversion” from natural theology to his theory of natural selection as an account of the
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7. Divine Action Topic: Arbib, Michael A. “Towards a Neuroscience of the P...
neuron and person. Schema theory provides a link between “cognition-level” and “neuron-level” descriptions of the person. Basic schema theory operates at the level of cognitive science, and explains mental operations and
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8. Divine Action Topic: Drees, Willem B. “A Case Against Temporal Critical...
relativity ) undercut this dynamic perspective, challenging universal simultaneity and re-interpreting time as an internal, rather than an external, parameter. Quantum cosmology, and its underlying theory, quantum gravity, further challenge the
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9. Divine Action Topic: Polkinghorne, John. “The Laws of Nature and the La...
of beginning.” Here the dynamic theory of chaos provides a vital clue. Chaotic systems, though governed by deterministic equations, are highly sensitive to environmental circumstances and initial conditions. They represent a form of
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10. Divine Action Topic: Barbour, Ian. “Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligen...
concepts of information, dynamic systems, hierarchical levels, and emergence are valuable for integrating insights from neuroscience and AI research with that of theology in a theory of human nature. Barbour argues that process philosophy
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