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11. Divine Action Topic: Coyne, George V., S.J. “Evolution and the Human Pe...
would be the body-soul dualism taken by Pius XII. Instead John Paul shifts from an ontological to an epistemological interpretation of the appearance of what he then calls the “spiritual” in humanity. The message closes by
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12. Divine Action Topic: Kerr, Fergus. “The Modern Philosophy of Self in Re...
substance dualism has been repudiated. Kerr examines a number of authors to show how this picture of the self shows up in recent theology, and this despite the fact that some eminent theologians, such as Karl Barth
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13. Divine Action Topic: Murphy, Nancey. “Supervenience and the Nonreducibi...
wholes, opposes Cartesian dualism, absolute idealism , and reductive materialism . Murphy then cites scientific evidence for nonreducibility: interactions with the environment portray an entity as part of a larger system and entail both top-down
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14. General Term: Descartes, Rene (1596-1650)
exponent par excellence of dualism , but contemporary scholarship is presently engaged in the task of trying to separate the man and his ideas from the caricature that has been assembled of him in the history of Western philosophy. He was
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15. General Term: Physicalist
, theism , or some form of dualism . Related Topics: Philosophy Contributed by: Dr. Christopher Southgate Search for Physicalist Full Glossary Index
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16. General Term: Plato (c. 428-347 B.C.E.)
is also seen as a kind of dualism . His works include The Republic , Phaedo and Timaeus . Related Topics: Neoplatonism Philosophy Contributed by: Richard P Whaite Search
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17. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Schrödinger’s Cat and the Mean...
be regarded as proposing a dualism in physical reality: two worlds - an indeterminate quantum world and a determinate classical world. Then there is the problem of what constitutes classical measuring apparatus. At what level does the wave
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18. Intelligent Design Topic: How Can an Unembodied Intelligence Interact with t...
In arguing for a substance dualism in which human beings consist of both spirit and matter, Descartes therefore had to argue for a point of contact between spirit and matter. He settled on the pineal gland because it was the one place in the
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19. Neuroscience Topic: Is Behavior Determined, or are we Free?
to mind-body, or body-soul, dualism in the modern period is that the major perceived alternative has been a reductive physicalist account, which seems to imply determinism . Therefore, it is important in theological discussions to distinguish
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20. Neuroscience Topic: Implications Of A Nonreductive Physicalist View
than to Platonic dualism . But, both made accommodations to a prevailing dualistic philosophy, and combined a doctrine of the immortality of the soul with a doctrine of the resurrection of the body. The pressing question now, concerns
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