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1. General Term: Dolly
Dolly The name given by the Roslin Insitute to the first cloned mammal; a sheep. It took 277 attempts to clone Dolly (0.4% efficiency). Related Topics: Genetics Search for Dolly
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2. Interview: 'Faith and Reason' Transcript
The resulting offspring, Dolly, was a clone, or identical twin, of her genetic mother. When news of Dolly hit the press, many people feared it would open the door to all sorts of evils. Could a dictator clone a private army, or perhaps
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3. Intro Topic: Genetics
their cloned sheep named Dolly . Since then, other researchers have cloned cows and mice. When news of Dolly hit the press many people feared cloning would open the door to all sorts of evils. Could a dictator clone a private army? Or
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4. Genetics Topic: Cloning
a seven-month-old lamb named Dolly . DNA tests show that Dolly contains only the genes of the adult ewe who provided her DNA. What are the implications? Although concerns for animal cloning are important, the overriding ethical issue is this:
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5. Genetics Topic: Overcoming Preconception Relating to Assisted Reproductive T...
02/97 Dolly 05/98 Cumulina 11/98 Human embryonic stem cells produced 05/99 Cloned transgenic goats 05/99
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6. Intro Topic: Cloning
a cloned sheep, named Dolly . In a ground breaking experiment, Dr Wilmut and his team had taken an unfertilized egg from one sheep and removed its DNA . They achieved this by removing the egg's nucleus, and leaving just the surrounding
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7. Stem Cell Topic: The Enormous Potential Value of Stem Cell Research
occur. This is in part the Dolly scenario. It differs in part because it grows only organ tissue and not an entire fetus . Another variant on the second scenario that distinguishes it from Dolly would be one that eliminates the use of the
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8. Genetics Topic: Amory Lovins Keynote
Dolly the Cloned Sheep Egg Manipulation Chromosome DNA Double-Helix Opinions Books on
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9. Stem Cell Topic: The Stem Cell Debate: Ethical Questions
to the world famous sheep, Dolly , never intended to clone a human being. He still opposes the idea. Almost everyone opposes the idea. Yet, the cultural explosion ignited by this new scientific achievement continues to spread fallout. The
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10. Stem Cell Topic: Question: is There a Potential Baby in Every Body Cell?
state, as in the case of Dolly ; and 3. The ability to reprogram the cytoplasm to cause selected genetic expression and, along with this, to initiate embryonic development. This is all it takes. The first two are already in the
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