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11. Interview: Francis Collins
have suggested that DNA or genes are sacred , and that we humans shouldn't tamper with them. What is your response to that? DR. COLLINS: Well, I think taking DNA and adding some sort of sacred nature to it is a bit odd. Some people have
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12. Genetics Topic: Cloning
adult sheep and placed its DNA into the egg of another sheep. He removed the egg’s DNA and fused the adult DNA to the egg. The fused cell began to grow and divide, just like a normal fertilized egg. It became an embryo , was planted in the
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13. Genetics Topic: The Gene Myth
wherein we assume the DNA acts like a puppeteer and we dance on genetic strings like a puppet. If the DNA determines our hair color and what diseases we will have, then perhaps the DNA determines how we will behave and may even control our
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14. Genetics Topic: Democratizing Decision Making Relating to Biotechnology
approached compares the DNA of healthy and diseased individuals and identifies the differences between them to detect the gene or set of genes responsible for the disease. Researchers begin with the physical characteristics of a
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15. Stem Cell Topic: The Enormous Potential Value of Stem Cell Research
begin with an egg with the DNA nucleus removed. Via somatic nuclear transplantation--cloning--we could insert the DNA nucleus of the future transplant recipient. We could then turn on selected genes--that is, we could cause the stem cell to
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16. General Term: Restriction Enzyme
inserted into a specific DNA genome , by reverse transcribing the RNA. The DNA resulting from this process is called cDNA (copy DNA) and is much more stable than mRNA. Related Topics: Genetics Contributed by: CTNS
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17. Genetics Topic: Genetics Research
map and sequence the human DNA which will tell us the order of the four base pairs—the A,T,G and C nucleotides —that compose the DNA molecule. The mapping phase was completed in 2001, and the focus then shifted to understanding the
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18. Intro Topic: Genetics
even expressed the view that DNA is sacred and that scientists are hubristically attempting to "play god" when they tamper with DNA. But if this view has received considerable media attention, there are also Christians who see genetic
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19. Interview: 'Faith and Reason' Transcript
can. And, if we get into the DNA, and if we mess around with it, maybe we'll screw something up. And I think people who want to say, don't play God, they want to prevent those big mistakes from happening. And so, by making DNA look sacred, they
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20. General Term: Plasmids
Self-replicating, circular DNA molecules found in bacterial cells; often used as vectors in recombinant DNA technology. Small circles of double-stranded DNA found in some bacteria. Plasmids can carry from four to 20 genes. Plasmids are a
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