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101. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: The Neanderthals
However a comparison between DNA from mitochondria (energy-producing components within cells) from modern humans and fossil bone of Neanderthals indicates that Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalis were two entirely separate species, incapable
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102. Origins Topic: Eugenie Scott - Evolution, Religion and Public Science Education
a Directive Process DNA and Social Behavior An Examination of Reductionism The Meaning of Genesis 1 Intro to the Evolution Controversy Evolutionary Biology and Theology - Index Other Resources on the
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103. Question Home: Are we Free?
Myth DNA and Behavior The Particular Case of Genetic Reductionism Downward Causation Biological Constraints on the Human Spirit
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104. Question Home: What Makes us Human?
Is DNA the Essence of Life? A Neuropsychological Analysis of Religious Experience Human Rights and Cloning The Neurobiology of Emotion and Feeling
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105. Cynthia Fitch
testing or recombinant DNA -based medicines every time they go to a large hospital.” “Scientists and Pastors probably seem odd collaborators,” says Fitch, but our mutual mission of providing vital information related to the value
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106. Science and Suffering Topic: The Need for Education - Cynthia Fitch
testing or recombinant DNA -based medicines every time they go to a large hospital.” “Scientists and Pastors probably seem odd collaborators,” says Fitch, but our mutual mission of providing vital information related to the
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107. Science and Suffering Topic: 21st Century Research Genetics - John Medina
tell them the structure of DNA ; contemporary geneticists ask science to discern how life begins, from the fusion of parental genetic material to selective activation of genes in a developing embryo . This “idea of turning genes on and off
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108. Stem Cell Topic: Appendix I: Working Group Members
ethics, and impact of new DNA technologies in health care, among other topics). Dr. Woollett also has responsibility for representing the pharmaceutical industry internationally, for example, by contributing industry ideas to the development of
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109. Stem Cell Topic: Human Embryonic Stem Cells
to recombinant DNA and monoclonal antibody technologies, both of which have amplified rare and precious biological entities. Like those technologies, ES cell technology may well be transformative in opening scientific arenas that to
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110. Stem Cell Topic: Public Sector Oversight
research. The Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) currently has a mandate to review ethical and policy issues associated with human gene therapy and could be authorized to change its mission to broaden its purview. Almost two decades of
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