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1. Genetics Topic: Is DNA the Essence of Life?
leap from the association of DNA with life to the metaphysical proscription against technical manipulation. Is DNA the essence of life? Is it any more arrogant or sacrilegious to cut DNA than to cut living tissue, as in surgery? It is
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2. General Term: Mitochondrial DNA
Mitochondrial DNA DNA that is unique to the mitochondria. It is not the same the DNA in the nucleus. Mitochondrion Related Topics: Genetics Evolution Image: Sinauer
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3. General Term: Recombinant DNA
Recombinant DNA Molecules that are constructed outside living cells by joining natural or synthetic DNA segments in such a way that they can replicate in a living cell (the replicative products are also considered to be
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4. General Term: DNA
DNA DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is a double-stranded helix of nucleotides which carries the genetic information of a cell. It encodes the information for the proteins and is able self-replicate. Related Topics:
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5. Genetics Topic: Treating Faulty DNA
Treating Faulty DNA An ethical issue which appears in both secular and religious discussions is the distinction between somatic therapy and germline enhancement. By “somatic therapy” we refer to the treatment of a disease
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6. Genetics Topic: Improving our DNA
Improving our DNA Though many religious ethicists agree that some forms of gene therapy (e.g. somatic therapy) could be beneficial, enhancement through germline engineering raises cautions about protecting human dignity.
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7. Genetics Topic: DNA and Social Behavior?
DNA and Social Behavior? The popularity of Richard Dawkins ’ book, The Selfish Gene , along with the controversy created by sociobiologists , demonstrates a growing interest in the prospect that scientists will be able to
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8. Interview: Ted Peters
drawn our attention towards DNA as being different than other molecules. QUESTION: You've disagreed with this position that DNA is sacred. DR. PETERS: Yes. I think what happened is that people began to treat DNA as sacred. By sacred I mean
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9. Interview: Richard Dawkins
but in some other sense the DNA double helix surely has some meaning for us. What is the DNA double helix trying to tell us in the world today?" Maybe the twisting of the two strands of DNA has some significance for the uniting of human
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10. Genetics Topic: Patenting God’s Creation?
billion nucleotides in the DNA and to locate where on the DNA the genes are sited. Relatively speaking, only a small portion of the DNA functions as genes- about 3%. The non-genetic material has been affectionately labeled “junk DNA.”
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