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1. General Term: Creatio Ex Nihilo
Creatio Ex Nihilo Latin: 'Creation out of nothing' In classical thought, Christianity alone, or more precisely, the Judeo-Christian tradition, knows the notion of absolute creation. Creatio ex nihilo (‘creation out of
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2. Maddox Bibliography Topic: 5. Contemporary Cosmology and Creatio ex Nihilo
Contemporary Cosmology and Creatio ex Nihilo Bonting, Sjoerd. Chaos Theology: A Revised Creation Theology . Ottawa: Novalis, 2002. Bonting, Sjoerd Lieuwe. Creation and Double Chaos: Science and Theology in Discussion .
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3. General Term: Creatio Continua
Creatio Continua Latin: 'Continuous Creation' This is a concept within the Christian doctrine of creation, specifically within the Eastern Orthodox tradition and some Process Theologies. It refers to speaking of God’s action
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4. Physics Topic: The Theology of Creation
fashioned a doctrine of creation using Biblical, philosophical, theological and liturgical tools. Actually the doctrine includes two related strands: creatio ex nihilo (creation out of nothing) and creatio continua (continuing creation).
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5. Physics Topic: Big Bang Cosmology and Creation Theology
First of all the doctrine of creation should not be truncated to a single claim, namely that creation had a beginning. Instead creation ex nihilo includes the continuing existence of the universe and the laws of nature, as we have already seen.
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6. Physics Topic: The Anthropic Principle and Creation Theology
universe as a whole; i.e., creatio ex nihilo is closely related to creatio continua . In essence, the action through which God creates the universe entails a dialectic of freedom and constraint. There is a contingent, free element in nature,
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7. Divine Action Topic: Peters, Ted. “Playing God with Our Evolutionary Fu...
relationship between God and creation in terms of both creatio ex nihilo and creatio continua . In Peters’ view, giving the world a future is God’s fundamental way of acting as creator. God creates new things including the new
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8. Divine Action Topic: Russell, Robert John. “Finite Creation without a B...
quite sufficient for creatio ex nihilo . Hence Russell says we can set aside arguments specifically over t=0 and yet retain the historical/empirical sense of the past temporal finitude of creation. Moreover, this insight, which he
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9. Evolution Topic: Step 2: Stir and bake until the world comes to its end
one. We certainly affirm creation from nothing, creatio ex nihilo . Yet, we also affirm that the creative power by which God brought being out of nonbeing continues to sustain the world today. We want to add something more. Each moment
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10. Divine Action Topic: Ayala, Francisco J. “Darwin’s Devolution: Des...
in the Christian sense of creatio ex nihilo . Instead it is like a painter mixing pigments on a canvas. It is a non- random process that promotes adaptation, that is, combinations useful to the organisms. By proceeding “stepwise,” it
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