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11. Stem Cell Topic: Theological Reflections on ETNL
of ETNL? Margaret Race at SETI opens up this question. “If we find evidence for past or present Earth-like life on Mars, it would be extremely interesting scientifically, but less so theologically or philosophically because it could be
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12. Biography: Seth Shostak
Programs Scientist at the SETI Institute, in Mountain View, California. For much of his career, he conducted radio astronomy research on galaxies, and has published approximately fifty papers in professional journals. He has also written
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13. Divine Action Topic: Davies, Paul. “Teleology Without Teleology: Purpos...
for the importance of the SETI project. Finally, Davies is open to the possibility of combining his view with a non-interventionist account of divine action. In his final section, Davies addresses biologists who, he expects, will find the
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14. Divine Action Topic: Ellis, George F. R. “The Theology of the Anthropic...
to one another. Thus the SETI project is of “tremendous religious significance” in testing the hypothesis of a caring creator. CAP leads us to the following questions: is our physical universe the only way to achieve the divine
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15. Stem Cell Topic: Previous Relevant Surveys
to receipt of a message by SETI , Vakoch and Lee designed a set of psychometric scales to assess six beliefs among Chinese and American undergraduate students: (1) that extraterrestrial life exists; (2) that ETI would be benevolent and that we
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16. Intelligent Design Topic: The signs of design
criterion. For example, if SETI researchers received a radio signal representing the first 100 prime numbers they would be justified in concluding that the signal exhibited a detachable pattern that had no necessary relationship to the
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17. Intelligent Design Topic: Can Specified Complexity Even Have a Mechanism?
constricts science. SETI researchers are not invoking a mechanism when they explain a radio transmission from outer space as the result of an extraterrestrial intelligence. To ask for a mechanism to explain the effect of an intelligence
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18. Intelligent Design Topic: Intelligent Design as a Positive Research Program
sciences, like archeology or SETI, already raise them). Now it's true that some of these questions have analogues within a naturalistic framework (e.g., the functionality problem). But others clearly do not. For instance, in the separation of
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19. Interview: Irven DeVore
On the Chances of SETI being Successful The Role of Scripture Interpreting the Bible 'Literally' On Scripture and Science On Human Nature Full Interview Index More: Noah
- 2.7kb

20. Interview: John D. Barrow
The Connection Between SETI and Religion The Narrow Overlap Between Cosmology and Theology Religion and Day-to-day Science The Origin of Atomism Full Interview Index More: S.
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