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1. Stem Cell Topic: Analysis of Responses to Questions 6-10
this assumption that, if an ETI civilization has evolved longer than ours on earth, then it will have achieved advances in health, ecology, politics, and morality; and, further, ETI will even have replaced religion with science. More highly
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2. Stem Cell Topic: The Place of Evolution in the ETI Myth
Place of Evolution in the ETI Myth Now, you the reader might say: astrobiology is straight science! Why all this talk about myth? I grant that the mythical structures may require a bit of analysis to become visible. Let me provide that
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3. Stem Cell Topic: The Peters ETI Religious Crisis Survey - Introduction
The Peters ETI Religious Crisis Survey - Introduction Abstract The Peters ETI Religious Crisis Survey was constructed to test the following hypothesis: upon confirmation of contact between earth and an extraterrestrial
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4. General Term: ETI
ETI Extra-terrestrial intelligence. Search for ETI Full Glossary Index Next > To return to the previous topic, click on
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5. Stem Cell Topic: Analysis of Responses to Questions 3-5
with knowledge of ETI life forms, a minority of individuals perceive a challenge to their religious faith posed by gaining knowledge of ETI. The speculative assertion that “the foundations of my religion (Catholic) and many others
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6. Stem Cell Topic: Previous Relevant Surveys
in the existence of ETI could be pertinent, disbelief in ETI’s existence (belief in a rare or unique earth) is not in itself a measure of anxiety or fear regarding a crisis of religious belief that could be caused by gaining
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7. Stem Cell Topic: The Scientific Warrant for this Survey
contact between earth and ETIL will necessitate the end of our inherited religious traditions and the incorporation of a more universal worldview. Let us try to retrace the path of SETI reasoning that leads to such a postulate. SETI is
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8. Stem Cell Topic: Conclusion
for the existence of ETIL exists. Yes, that evidence may appear in the future. At that future moment when we actually encounter ETIL, however, we may be in for some surprises. ETIL might be quite different than we expect. All this leads us
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9. Stem Cell Topic: AstroTheology: Religious Reflections on Extraterrestrial Li...
life, from which the SETI project gets its name. In what follows, I plan to use the acronym ETIL to refer to extraterrestrial intelligent life. Exotheology is the name I have given for that branch of theology which reflects upon
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10. Stem Cell Topic: The Astrobiological Delusion Regarding the Future of Religion
Religion Returning to the ETI myth within astrobiology, we note how it includes a prediction about the demise of terrestrial religion, especially Christianity. The conventional wisdom among those who look at terrestrial religion from the outside
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