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Science and the Spiritual Quest

Increasingly today, scientists are interested in connecting their research with their understanding and experience of spirituality. For many, doing science is in itself a spiritual experience of uncovering mysteries about the universe. For others, doing science requires an ethical commitment, and this commitment is grounded in and is a form of spirituality. Still others view nature as one form of divine revelation, and the ‘book of nature’ discloses intimations of God’s purpose in creating the universe and thus enhances our understanding of the purpose of life in the universe.

To some, the laws of nature reveal something about the mind of God, and the history of the cosmos which unfolds on the basis of these laws are evidence of the ongoing activity of God. Science leads some scientists to God as the ultimate reality and source of all that is. To others, scientific knowledge brings fresh insight into the vast wisdom held withing the various religious traditions of the world, and the impetus for scientific pursuit is received from their personal religious convictions. In these and many other ways, scientists are increasingly willing to describe their practice of science and the knowledge gained from scientific discoveries as directly relevant to spirituality both as our thirst and search for God and as God’s gracious offer to encounter us. This new field of science and spirituality promises to be of tremendous value as more and more scientists from the plurality of humanity’s religious traditions join in the process of connecting their scientific research and their faith and lived religious experience.For more information, visit the website: http://www.ssq.net.

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Science and the Spiritual Quest

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