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Islamic Perspectives on Cloning and Genetic Enginerring

Asif Razvi, M.D., Islamic Center of Boston

O mankind! Fear
Your Guardian Lord,
Who created you
From a single person
Created, out of it,
His mate, and from them herain
Scattered (like seeds)
Countless men and women -
Fear Allah, through Whom,
Ye demand your mutual (rights),
And be heedful of the wombs
(That bare you): for Allah
Ever watches over you

(Chapter 1, verse 1)


  • Creation of the universe and mankind
  • Purpose of creation of mankind
  • Creation of heavens and the earth in true proportions

Hierarchy in Islam?

  • There is no hierarchy in Islam
  • Allah (God) is the supreme being
  • Every Muslim prays directly to God
  • Five scholars in the 8th and 9th century
  • Maliki
  • Hanafi
  • Shafi’I
  • Hanbali
  • Jafari

Islam and Science

  • No conflict between Islam and science
  • Many scientific facts today were described in the Qur’an 1400 years ago
  • Qur’an was revealed for all mankind and for all times
  • As we understand science better, we understand some of these facts in the Qur’an better

Islamic Beliefs

  • Oneness of God
  • Angels
  • All the prophets from Adam (PBUH) to Muhammad (PBUH)
  • All the Scriptures from “Suhul” of Abraham (PBUH), Psalms of David, Torah, Bible, and the Qur’an
  • The Last Day and the Hereafter
  • The Divine Decree

The Divine Decree

  • “For to anything which We have willed, We but say ‘Be,’ and it is. (Ch. 16: 40)
  • Fundamental belief in rationalizing and accepting scientific developments
  • God has the ultimate power to regulate and govern everything that happens in the universe

Ethics of Genetic Technology

  • Staying within the conformity of God’s Will (Ch. 81: 29)
  • Any improvement to further the cause of humanity or human health
  • Genetic manipulation to improve the health of a fetus
  • Improving the chances of fertility and conception within the sanctity of marriage


  • Inter-personal human relations heavily weighted in Islam
  • Development of an embryo without any spiritual or moral connection between a man and a woman
  • A mother can only claim motherhood if she carried the child in her womb
  • Potential for abuse
  • Dominance of a race
  • Black market for organs
  • Who makes the decision
  • Islamic legal issues
  • Cloning of sheep by God’s will
  • Is it a test for the human race?

“Allahu Alim”

We can theorize all we want, and debate all we want, but we have to admit that only God knows the real truth

Email link | Feedback | Contributed by: Boston University. Video adapted from the Issues for the Millennium Workshop

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